National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB scientists speak about development of innovative biotechnologies in Belarus based on modern science and technology trends

On August 11, 2015 the House of Press hosted a press conference, which involved Emilia Kolomiets, Director General, State Scientific and Production Amalgamation “Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnology”, Director, NASB Institute of Microbiology, NASB Corresponding Member; Valentina Lemesh, Director, NASB Institute of Genetics and Cytology; Liudmila Dubovskaya, Director, NASB Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering.

Valentina Lemesh noted that the economies of the entire world are expecting increased economic results and further active progress of biotechnology sphere. Belarus is also aware of this world trend and does its best to support scientists engaged in this field. In Belarus the plan for biotechnology development has been designed and the Scientific and Production Cluster - SSPA “Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnology”- has been established, which has unified the leading Belarusian biotechnology organizations, private companies and JSC “Bobruisk Plant of Biotechnologies”.

Valentina Lemesh told about the major areas of activities of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology. The main areas are human genetics, animal genetics and plants genetics. The Institute also develops individualized medicine and medicine aimed at disease forecasting. Another important area is GMOs detection in seed grains and food products.

Liudmila Dubovskaya told about the progress of the Republican Scientific and Medical Centre “Cell Technologies” established in December 2014. Since it was established the Centre has provided assistance to more than 200 patients from Belarus as well as from abroad.