National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


RAS President Fortov: We will cooperate in the entire range of areas

On September 15, 2015 President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov visited the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. During his visit Vladimir Fortov participated in the inauguration of the 8th International Scientific Conference “Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies” held at the NASB Institute of Physics on September 14-18, 2015 and made a report “Correlation and quantum effects in nonideal plasmas” at the plenary session.

Also Vladimir Fortov visited the NASB permanent exhibition “Achievements of national science applied in production” and the NASB History Museum.

Talking to the journalists, the Academician noted that Belarusian scientists had traditionally occupied the leading positions in plasma physics. “Mikhail Ilyashevich left a very strong school. And today this school is holding a conference on plasma physics at the Institute of Physics. As well as have the most widespread state of matter in nature, plasma has a very large scope of extensions: plasma medicine, sources of light, surface treatment, plasma electronics, semiconductors. The plasma-based sales in the world equal 3-4 billion dollars. The fact that the high level of academic plasma science has been maintained in Belarus is very important. That is why today scientists from all the over world have come to Minsk in order to exchange ideas, discuss the topic, learn about the activities of the institute, plan joint actions. I know that very soon a number of joint projects will be agreed on”, said Acad. Fortov.

Concerning the collaboration between NASB and RAS Acad. Fortov stated: “We will cooperate in the entire range of areas: medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, nanotechnology. And I am confident that we will progress at a very good pace as we have never drawn a line between our counties”.

Chairman of Presidium NASB Vladimir Gusakov told that “Academician Fortov has suggested creating an interacademy satellite, that is a satellite of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, which can be used both for scientific and educational purposes.

Video V. Fortov "Correlation and quantum effects in nonideal plasmas"