National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


School of Young Researchers inaugurated at NAS of Belarus

On October 29, 2015 the School of Young Researchers was inaugurated at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The event involved students of Minsk secondary schools who were welcomed by the members of the Council of Young Scientists of NAS of Belarus, representatives of Minsk Palace of Children and Youth, NASB Researchers Training Institute. The School of Young Scientists is a project of the above mentioned institutions aimed at encouraging school students to be involved in science and research.

During the inauguration ceremony NASB Chief Scientific Secretary Alexander Kilchevsky expressed hope and confidence that the school students who gathered at NAS of Belarus that day had taken their first significant step into science, which would continue at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, because, according to Alexander Kilchevsky, it is precisely “youth who makes science”. Chief Scientific Secretary assured that NAS of Belarus would always be glad to assist the young generation at all stages of their educational and research activities.

After the inauguration ceremony the school students attended the Museum of NASB History.