National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Belarus President scholarships awarded to 16 NASB graduate students

President Alexander Lukashenko has signed an executive order No. 17рп "On awarding scholarships to graduate students". Scholarships of the President of Belarus in 2016 have been awarded to 82 graduate students. Among them are 16 representatives of scientific institutions and organizations of the NASB. These are talented young graduate students doing thesis research in priority scientific and technical areas. Many of them are holders of the certificates confirming the application of the achieved results in the manufacturing industry, clinical practice of healthcare institutions, educational process, patents for inventions and utility models or approvals for a patent. The scientific achievements of the scholarship holders will be used by enterprises, organizations and social institutions across the country. The adoption of the executive order No. 17рп is a testament of the support of talented young scientists and development of the scientific potential of Belarus.