National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


ALLEA Council meeting takes place in National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

On June 20, 2016 the meeting of the Council of the Federation of All European Academies (ALLEA) took place in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Council delegation headed by the President of the Association of European Academies of Sciences (ALLEA) Gunther Stock has arrived to Minsk. Among members of the council are representatives of the Academies of Sciences of Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and other countries. The meeting considered issues related to the organization of scientific activity in Europe.

Before the meeting Vladimir Gusakov noted the need for active cooperation between Belarus and European countries in the field of space research, biotechnology and nanotechnology industry. For this communication should be established between scientists of countries. "The very fact that the ALLEA Council meeting took place in Belarus confirms not only the interest to the Belarusian science, but also its recognition at the international level", — V. Gusakov stressed. After the meeting the guests got acquainted with the NASB permanent exhibition "Domestic scientific achievements for manufacturers" and the exposition of the Museum of the NASB History.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is a member of ALLEA since 1994. Representatives of the Belarusian Academy took part in the ALLEA Emergency strategic meeting in November 2009, which was held to consider and discuss key blocks of the ALLEA Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, as well as in the annual meetings of the ALLEA General Assembly.