National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Ceremonial start of 9th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition given at NAS of Belarus

On October 27, 2016 a ceremonial start of the 9th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition was given at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Informational photos and printed materials on the event topics, and also some exhibits from the Oceanography Center "Open Ocean" were showcased before the beginning of the official part of the event. Representatives of the Presidium and Departments of the NAS of Belarus addressed parting words to the members of the Expedition. The Chairman of the NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov handed over the flag of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus to a new expedition team. During the event the Team A film on assembling the first stage of the Belarusian Antarctic station was shown. PhD in Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the BSU Microbiology Department Vladislav Myamin made a presentation on mysteries of the Antarctic lakes, participants of previous expeditions and scientists shared their memories and research results. After the official part everyone interested had the opportunity to ask members of the Expedition questions.

This year a team of six people will go to Antarctica. Belarusian polar explorers will implement the program in five approved research areas, including the study of aerosol and gas composition of the atmosphere, the study of the ozone layer, geophysics, biology and microbiology aspects. The installation of the eight-section platform and sanitary unit of the Belarusian Antarctic station has also been planned.