National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Sardinian and Belarusian diets discussed at International Scientific Seminar at NAS of Belarus

On November 25, 2016 the International Scientific Seminar “Comparison of Sardinian Mediterranean Diet and Belarusian Diet in Order to Maintain Health and Active Lifestyle in the Elderly” was held at the NAS of Belarus. The event was organized during the International Week of Italian Cuisine with the scientific support of the Global Community of Longevity. The purpose of the meeting of Belarusian and Italian scientists was to exchange information on the relationship between nutrition and healthy, active lifestyle in the elderly.

According to the President of the Global Community of Longevity Roberto Pili, the food system in Belarusian villages is an ideal platform for longevity. As for active use of potato by Belarusians, Roberto Pili noted that the nutritious vegetable could be compared with Italian pasta. He also pointed out that it was possible to make a food system on the basis of potato that would have all the necessary nutrients just adding a certain amount of meat and milk, vegetables and fruits to the diet. According to Roberto Pili, every nation should be fed according to the traditions of its region.

As noted by Chief Scientific Secretary of the NASB Presidium Aleksandr Kilchevsky, Belarus and the Italian Sardinia have established longstanding and close contacts, and scientific cooperation between them is being actively developed. In the autumn the NAS of Belarus delegation signed an agreement on scientific cooperation in Cagliari (the capital of the Italian island of Sardinia). Aleksandr Kilchevsky believes that such contacts will improve scientific and business communication between the regions.