National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


2nd Eurasian forum of young scientists (YESForum) hosts in Almaty on 17-18 November

On November 17-18, 2016 the 2nd Eurasian forum of young scientists (YES-Forum) took place in Almaty. Forum format is significantly different from the traditional scientific conferences. YES-Forum is focused on scientific breakthroughs, innovative projects and socio-economic dynamics in the context of development of integration processes in the Eurasian space. Projects represented at the Forum were interdisciplinary in nature, with a clear practical orientation and carried out by authors' team from at least two EAEU countries. During the year the organizing Committee received more than 100 projects in three areas (Material Science, Life Science and Social Science), which have been carefully selected. Fifteen best were presented at the pitch session to interest investors and attract funding for commercialization of their project.

In addition to the project presentations, the forum included the unusual format of meeting communication — breakfast with investors "Face to Face". The idea of this event is to organize informal communication between developers and business representatives. This is one of dialogue platforms where you can discuss the details of previously submitted projects, the terms of investments in business projects and to assess the perception of investors to the developments of young scientists.

Besides invited speakers from Russia, Belarus, France, and India held master classes for young scientists. The speakers tried to convey to the participants how to go from idea to its implementation and commercialization, how to apply creative approach to solving standard tasks, how to prepare investment projects.

With the participation of Belarusian young scientists, a number of projects in all three areas, including development in the field of new functional materials for protection of microelectronic equipment from ionizing radiation, the use of membrane techniques, studying nutritional value of specialized food products and others, was presented at the forum.

The final chord of the forum was a round table with participation of representatives of the Council of young scientists of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan, which adopted the unanimous decision to hold the 3rd Eurasian forum of young scientists in 2018 in Armenia.