National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Congratulations on Day of Belarusian Science from Chairman of NASB Presidium Vladimir G. Gusakov

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

On behalf of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus I sincerely congratulate the scientific community of our country and everyone for whom science is their lifework on the professional holiday – the Day of Belarusian Science!

The Head of the State declared 2017 the Year of Science in our country. This decision implies the recognition of the achievements of national scientists, and also imposes a great responsibility. We should do everything to justify the high confidence.

In recent years the Academy of Sciences has got a good tradition to make lists of results of world-class researches and developments and to form the "TOP 10" list on their base. On results of 2016 the list included scientific achievements in the field of fundamental research. They cover quantum and laser physics, computer science and materials science, chemistry and microbiology, archeology and agriculture.

The President of the Republic of Belarus emphasized in his New Year address: “Innovative way is a priority for us. The coming Year of Science has to pass under the sign of renewal of the country and discoveries in all fields of life. But any scientific achievements and developments should be effectively implemented in production.” It should be noted that science in the Republic of Belarus has always been high-impact, meeting the spirit of the times and corresponding world standards. Science is now integrated into the economy as much as possible. Almost 85% of investments are directed to applied research in favor of industries. We do not have results, gathering dust on a shelf, all of them are efficiently used. We believe that the Year of Science will make a significant contribution to the formation of the image of the Republic of Belarus as a country with high intellectual and human capital. Science today contributes to a society of tomorrow.

The Academy of Sciences completed previous year with dignity. Basic targets of social and economic development have been met. Many interdisciplinary search and strategic research centers and scientific and technological clusters, created on the basis of the NAS of Belarus, began working. Cross-cutting research and production associations are being established in the most demanded fields of work. Science and Technology Park BelBiograd, which is expected to ensure the implementation of the full cycle from research and development to production of high-tech products, has been registered. International scientific relations have been expanded. Many representatives of science have been awarded high state awards for outstanding achievements. Talented young scientists have been awarded Presidential Scholarships.

The Academy faces significant challenges in 2017. Society expects from the scientists bright scientific ideas, breakthrough technologies for successful development of the national economy, improvement the quality of life of the Belarusian people. The scientists of the Academy of Sciences should be at the head of large-scale scientific developments, create a comprehensive scientific support in the formation of new sectors and industries, provide a direct movement of results of basic and applied research into production, make a solid base of growth of research intensity of the Belarusian economy.

I wish you, dear friends, new discoveries and the embodiment of your brightest ideas in real projects.

I also wish you and your families happiness, wellfare and good health!

I am confident that we will succeed!

Vladimir GUSAKOV,
Chairman of the NASB Presidium, Academician