National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Scientists of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus honored with state awards of Republic of Belarus

According to the Belarus President Decree No. 34 of 1 February 2017, a large group of specialists in various fields were awarded state awards for longstanding fruitful work, exemplary fulfillment of service duties, achievement of high production results in manufacturing sector, construction, and agriculture, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified professionals, development of science and teaching, education and healthcare, Belarusian cinematic art, culture, and sports.

The NASB scientists and specialists are among the awardees.

Director of the NASB Institute of Mathematics Ivan Gaishun was awarded the Francis Skaryna Medal.

The honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Belarus" was awarded to Director of the NASB Institute of Sociology Igor Kotlyarov and Academician of the NAS of Belarus, Rector of the Belarusian State University Sergei Ablameyko.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues with the high state awards and wish them success and new achievements!