National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Meeting of generations of scientists held at NAS of Belarus

On February 9, 2017 senior students of universities who are interested in science and young researchers met with the leading scientists of the country, academicians and corresponding members of the NAS of Belarus. Leaders of the NAS of Belarus and the RPA "Belaya Rus" adressed welcoming words to the youth. At the meeting students learned private stories of life choice in science from recognized scientists and took good advice. Students also got acquainted with the "Turn-key Scientist" project of the NASB Council of Young Scientists. The project aims to search for talented undergraduates and graduate students, to help them in conducting experiments, to support at the stage of writing a dissertation and its defence, and subsequent employment. The Chairman of the NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov emphasized that the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences together with the Council of Young Scientists arranged a lot of events to involve young people in science and provide full support to beginning researchers. He said, "We seek economic, organizational and moral measures to stimulate the creativity of young scientists. The National Academy of Sciences pays special attention to creation of conditions for young people to stay in science. We help in housing issues, support in writing scientific papers, conducting experiments, and publishing of research results."

More than 430 people participated in the event.

The meeting was organized by the National Academy of Sciences and the RPA "Belaya Rus".