National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


44 NASB organizations to take part in 27th International Specialized Exhibition "BELAGRO-2017"

44 NASB organizations will take part in the 27th International Specialized Exhibition "BELAGRO-2017". All in all, scientists and specialists of the Academy of Sciences will represent over 200 developments and technologies. Agricultural products, machinery, and equipment will be demonstrated in the technological chain with modern energy-saving technologies of all industries, related both to the production, and to processing, transportation, storage, and sale of products. Non-agricultural organizations will represent developments in the field of biotechnologies, ecology, LED equipment for agriculture.

In the Year of Science, a number of scientific forums will be organized during the work of "BELAGRO-2017" exhibition. The NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Foodstuffs invites to participate at the 1st Congress on Science, Nutrition and Health; a symposium on enrichment of food products with micronutrients; a seminar on modern approaches in the field of expertise of quality and safety of food raw materials and food products; a seminar on children, pregnant women and nursing mothers nutrition; a round table discussion on issues of children's nutrition. Many events have been prepared by the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization. Thus, a seminar on machines providing innovative technologies for tillage, fertilization, harvesting, and post-harvest processing of crop production, and a seminar on technologies and equipment for the use of renewable energy sources and local fuels in the agriculture of the Republic of Belarus will be held. The NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Animal Breeding proposes a seminar on technical support of preparation and distribution of feeds in the livestock industry, and issues of pig products production. A seminar on precision farming will also be held.

The 27th International Specialized Exhibition "BELAGRO-2017" will be held on 6-10 June 2017. More than 500 companies from Belarus, Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Holland, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries will participate at the exhibition.