National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Laureate Diploma of Academician F.I.Fedorov Prize awarded

On 10 July 2017, Vladimir Gusakov, Chairman of the NASB Presidium, solemnly handed the Laureate Diploma of Academician F.I.Fedorov Prize for 2017 to Alexander Nizovtsev, Leading Researcher of the B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics of the NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. The prize was awarded by the resolution of the NASB Presidium No. 41 of June 26, 2017.

The Academician F.I.Fedorov Prize is one of the most prestigious personal awards of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. It is awarded once in three years. In 2017, the prize was awarded for a series of works "Study of the Photophysical and Spin Characteristics of NV Centers in Diamond for Applications in Quantum Technologies." In the course of the research, previously unknown data for a purposeful search of nuclear spins of 13C isotopic atoms with long coherence times even at room temperature have been obtained. This is important for creating solid-state quantum computers based on diamond, as well as new high-precision quantum sensors for measuring local magnetic and electric fields.