National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Henan Academy of Sciences sign Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation

On 21 July 2017, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Henan Academy of Sciences signed an Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

The Agreement aims at strengthening the scientific and technical capacity of the Parties; developing and expanding relations between scientific institutions; as well as promoting scientific and technical cooperation in implementation of joint scientific developments in the areas of mutual interest.

The cooperation between the Parties within the Agreement implies regular meetings on technical cooperation; development and implementation of joint scientific and technical projects; participation in joint applications for national and international grants; arrangement of access for research using unique facilities and centers for collective use; creation of joint research and production centers; creation of joint ventures and organization of production within the framework of the technopark zones being formed; organization of joint activities; training of scientific personnel, including postgraduate and doctoral studies; exchange of invited scientists; organization of internships and targeted training programs to upgrade skills; as well as exchange of scientific and other information.