National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Working meeting of Interdepartmental Commission of Republic of Belarus on Antarctic Issues held at NAS of Belarus

On 19 July 2017, a working meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Republic of Belarus on Antarctic Issues was held at the NAS of Belarus. As its outcome, a decision was made to strengthen the scientific part of the tenth expedition and to fill its activities with relevant scientific projects.

Before the beginning of the working meeting, Aleksei Gaidashov, Head of the Belarusian Antarctic Expedition, said that Belarus plans to receive the status of an advisory party in the international Antarctic Treaty. The status gives the right to vote and to participate in the development and adoption of decisions concerning the present and future of Antarctica.

The tenth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition will land in Antarctica in December this year. The expedition members will be selected in September, with 3-4 people per seat expected to apply. The number of specialists will depend on the amount of funding, the specified goals and objectives of the future expedition. The expedition will be evacuated in late February – early March 2018.

Vyacheslav Martyanov, Head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition logistics center, drew attention to the fact that the technical support of the Belarusian expeditions will be continued due to the Belarusian-Russian intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in Antarctica. Polar explorers of the two countries also cooperate in scientific research. According to V.Martyanov, the use of some Belarusian appliences in organizing observations at the Russian station "Vostok" is being considered. In particular, it is planned to study the level of ultraviolet radiation on the continent.