National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB Researchers Training Institute invites to Chinese Language Course

A new educational project for the NASB staff, namely Spoken Chinese Language Course (HSK1, a basic level), starts at the State Educational Institution “Researchers Training Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”.

The course consists of 140 academic hours and involves comprehensive language teaching, aiming at formation of oral speech skills and skills of hieroglyphic writing, Chinese listening comprehension, transcription and hieroglyph reading. The teacher is a native speaker. A state document is issued for those completed the course. The classes start on October 23, 2017.

Applications for training should be sent by 16 October 2017 by fax: (017) 280-68-27 or by e-mail:

If any questions, please phone: (017) 280-68-27; (017) 280-14-74; (29) 363-86-92.