National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NAS of Belarus to give solemn start of tenth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition

On 8 November 2017, at 5:00 p.m., the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will host a meeting of participants of the Belarusian Antarctic expeditions with the general public. The meeting and a public lecture "Belarus: 10 Years in Antarctic" will be held in the NASB Institute of History by the following address: Minsk, vul. Akademičnaja 1, the Assembly Hall. All interested can take part in the event which is dedicated to the start of the tenth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition. The lecture will be held within the framework of the "Science Out of Itself" project aimed at popularizing the scientific knowledge and activities of Belarusian scientists and specialists. During the event, listeners will learn about the history of the Belarusian Antarctic expeditions and the contribution of Belarusian scientists to the research of the South Pole. Issues of international cooperation and construction of the Belarusian Antarctic station will be touched upon, also the results of our specialists activities will be reported and further prospects will be outlined. A film about the work of the ninth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition will provide information about the current state of affairs on the Antarctic exploration. The participants of the meeting will have an opportunity to see unique photos capturing the nature of the Antarctic, as well as working moments from the life of Belarusian polar explorers. It will be possible to obtain first-hand information in such areas as atmospheric physics, biology, ecology, global climate change problems, geophysics, geology, life support and logistics of polar expeditions.

All those present will have an opportunity to say parting words to brave conquerors of Antarctica before the tenth Belarusian Polar Expedition hits the road. The NASB Central Scientific Library and the public organization "Fialta Youth Educational Center" are the organizers of the event.