National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Round table "Belarusian Language and Business" is held at Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics

A round table "Belarusian language and business" was held at the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics within the Week of Mother Tongue. The meeting was attended by representatives of business, advertising agencies, the Ministry of Trade and Antimonopoly Regulation, etc. During the round table, the participants discussed the prospects of using the national language as an important factor in advertising of the company, the terminology base of advertising, business and language policy, business and national publishing and a number of other issues.

The issue of literacy in preparing promotional materials was under particular discussion. In this regard, the initiative to create an expert commission that will analyze the advertising by conducting a linguistic expertise is being updated now. This initiative needs to be implemented at the level of amending the legislation on advertising. At the present time a working group is being created. The adoption of such a document at the legislative level would make it possible to demand compliance more strictly. The issue of preparing a draft law on geographical names in the Belarusian language was also discussed during the meeting. There are problems with the uniformity of design of signs with street names especially in Minsk.