National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NAS of Belarus presents newest laser systems in Moscow

The NAS of Belarus takes part in the 13th international specialized exhibition of laser, optical and optoelectronic equipment "Photonics. The world of lasers and optics – 2018" which was opened on 27 February 2018 in Moscow.

The B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented its latest achievements in the field of laser physics and optics.

Muscovites, guests of the Russian capital and specialists from different countries will be shown samples of pulsed erbium diode-pumped lasers specially designed for use in devices operated in a wide temperature range and subject to shock and vibration loads. Working samples of neodymium diode-pumped lasers and systems based on them will be demonstrated as well. These laser systems are widely used in research and technological work, in spectroscopy, medicine and special purpose. At present, the newest lasers developed by scientists of the B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics of the NAS of Belarus are supplied to the countries of the near and far abroad. Among them are Russia, China, Germany, France, USA, Korea, etc.

The exhibition "PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS – 2018" takes place from 27 February to 2 March 2018 in Moscow. This is the largest industry event in Russia. Annually it is visited by over 8 thousand people. This year the total exhibition area is over 8 thousand square meters. It is attended by representatives of 180 organizations from 14 countries.