National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Second Young Scientist School "Turnkey Scientist-2018" to start on May 29

On 29 May 2018 (Tuesday), at 9:30 a.m., the Second Young Scientist School “Turnkey Scientist-2018” will be opened in the Great Conference Hall of the NAS of Belarus. The NASB Council of Young Scientist organizes the event.

The "Turnkey Scientist" School, which will work from 29 May till 1 June 2018, will provide an intensive cycle of lectures, seminars, practical classes and master classes from the leading scientists for undergraduates, graduate students and talented young scientists. It will consider issues of organization of scientific activities in the NAS of Belarus and the Republic of Belarus, scientific results publication, thesis preparation and defense, scientific projects management, etc. The Young Scientist School aims at increasing the efficiency and initiative of young scientists in scientific research, as well as developing their leadership qualities for the independent scientific projects implementation. This event arouses great interest among young scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the leading universities of the Republic of Belarus, many regional universities and branch scientific institutes. 195 young scientists registered to participate in the School. Particular attention is given to the support of international cooperation in the Republic of Belarus, issues of scientific activities in European countries and European scientific societies activities.

Many scientists are going to share their experience in sciece. Among them there are Academician Sergei Chizhik, First Vice Chairman of the NASB Presidium; Academician Aleksandr Kilchevsky, Chief Scientific Secretary of the NAS of Belarus; Academician Sergei Gaponenko, Chairman of the BRFFR Scientific Council; Aleksandr Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology; prof. W. Kuyawski, President of the Polish Membrane Society, Doctor of Chemistry, and many others.