National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Prominent oncologist, Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus Iosif Zalutsky passes away

On 13 June 2018, a famous oncologist, Director of the NASB Institute of Physiology, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Iosif V. Zalutsky died at the age of 68 after a serious long illness.

Iosif Zalutsky is a prominent scientist in the field of oncology. His main scientific research focused on the development and introduction of methods of reconstructive and plastic surgery in the combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors. Using extensive experimental and clinical material, I.V.Zalutsky for the first time in the CIS countries conducted fundamental research, which allowed to justify the possibility of applying microsurgical technologies in oncology. He developed such a priority research area as the study of possibilities of reconstructive and recovery operations as a leading link in the medical rehabilitation of cancer patients, and that was an important milestone in the development of domestic oncology.

Iosif Zalutsky and his followers theoretically substantiated and widely used physical therapy methods (laser and EHF-therapy, drug electrophoresis, magnetotherapy) for treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. Zalutsky's works in the field of anticancer control and epidemiology of cancer were innovative and formed the basis for international projects.