National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB scientists take part in conference on circular economy

On 9 November 2018, scientists of the NASB organizations participated in the conference "Circular Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development." The event was organized by the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center BEROC to discuss prerequisites for the introduction of the circular economy in the Republic of Belarus, existing legislative aspects, problems with statistics in waste management, as well as proposals promoting the sustainable economic development of the country.

Nadezhda Batova, Head of the Sector of Ecological and Economic Problems of the NASB Institute of Economics, spoke on the forms of organization and best practices of the circular economy, in particular on the successful experience of implementing business projects as part of the circular economy projects.

Problems of regional development and consideration of ways to solve them by introducing elements of the circular economy concept were also discussed at the event. In addition, an open meeting of the working group on the circular economy took place as part of the work on the National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Republic of Belarus until 2035. It allowed representatives of scientific organizations, the public sector and business to join the process of forming a component of the Strategy and make their proposals in an open dialogue.