National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Republican Public Association “Belaya Rus” awards Vitold Pestis, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, with Sign of Honor

On 16 March 2019, Rector of Grodno State Agrarian University, Corresponding Member of the NAS of Belarus Vitold Pestis was awarded the breast "Signs of Honor" of the Republican Public Association "Belaya Rus". Until recently, Vitold Pestis headed the Grodno regional organization of Belaya Rus and stood at the beginning of the Grodno regional organization, which started to work in 2004. The Republican Public Association appeared on its base in 2007.

This sign is awarded "for long-term fruitful work to consolidate citizens of the Republic of Belarus based on national interests, patriotic, spiritual and moral values of the Belarusian people, significant personal contribution to the implementation of the statutory goals and objectives of the Association." The award of the Association was established (in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the Republican Council) on 4 October 2018. At the moment three people have received the award.