National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presents about 80 cutting-edge R&D products at TechInnoProm exhibition

Research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus present about 80 innovative products and technologies at the 22nd International Industrial Technology and Innovation Expo TechInnoProm (17-20 September 2019, Minsk), which takes place as part of the Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum.

The State Scientific and Production Powder Metallurgy Association of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus demonstrates additive technologies for making complicated-shape parts using 3D computer models by sequential application of the material. In the view of the developers, these technologies can be successfully used in the aerospace industry, to make aircraft engine parts, to make medical implants and tools, as well as a part of microelectronics cooling systems. The scientists also present a new welding method without melting the material – friction stir welding. Friction stir welding is a new method of friction welding, which is carried out without melting the materials with a rotating tool. The advantages include is the lack of hot and cold fissures, the ability of welding difficult-to-weld materials, including their various combinations. Friction stir welding will reduce energy consumption, the length of the welding cycle, the cost of one running meter of welding seam, as well as residual deformation and tensions.

The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented the model of a modular water purification plant, which is designed to remove toxic metal ions, radionuclides, Fe2+ and Mn2+ compounds, colloidal and mechanical impurities from drinking water and industrial water. Its main advantages: fast water filtration rate-up to 20 m/h in comparison with conventional materials (10-15 m/h), the ability to tweak the pH factor of the purified water, etc.

The Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus came up with portable radar that can be used in civil engineering. The device is designed to visualize the composition of engineering structures: to detect cavities, to reinforcing bars in concrete, fissures, to estimate the depth and rough dimensions, to measure the thickness of a wall with one-way access.

The Institute of Technical Acoustics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has designed an ultrasound device for welding polymer materials. It is designed for ultrasound welding of polymer parts, including large parts, as well as parts located in hard-to-reach places, etc.

The Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum is taking place in Minsk on 17–20 September 2019. It is one of the largest exhibition projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States to bring together several international specialized expos in the area of scientific and technological development and modern technologies – TechInnoProm, ProWeld, Chemistry. Oil and Gas, and Plastec. A Belarusian-Japanese economic forum, a Belarusian-Slovak economic forum, and an Indian-Belarusian business and technology forum will also take place as a part of the main event. Delegations from Germany, Hungary, India, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Russia are expected to participate in the forum to get familiar with Belarus’ export potential and expand cooperation.

Photo by M. Gulyakevich