National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


National Academy of Sciences of Belarus to launch Twelfth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition

On 5 November 2019 (Tuesday), a solemn launch ceremony of the Twelfth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition (12th BAE) will take place at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The event program:
16.00 – speaking to the press
16.30 – 17.30 – an official part of the event

The 12th BAE team includes 10 participants, namely: Gaydashov Aleksey Aleksandrovich, Head of the expedition, a participant of 33 Soviet and all 12 Belarusian expeditions; Iziderov Nikita Mikhailovich, hydrometeorologist, cook; Makas Anton Yuryevich, engineer-radiometer; Zakhvatov Aleksey Anatolevich, mechanical engineer for the operation of vehicles and means of mechanization, a member of three Belarusian expeditions; Hatkevich Alexei Leonidovich, civil engineer, mechanic of diesel power plants, responsible for coordination of all technical services of the station, a participant of two Belarusian expeditions; Puninsky Sergey Alexandrovich, surgeon; Golub Dmitry Georgievich, electrician; Giginyak Yuri Grigoryevich, environmental engineer, a participant of 17 Soviet and three Belarusian expeditions (will work at the Russian station Progress); Shablyko Pavel Vikentievich, geophysicist engineer, a participant of two Belarusian expeditions (will take part in the Bulgarian expedition in Western Antarctica; Kakareka Sergey Vitalievich, a participant of scientific research, made by the Turkish seasonal Antarctic expedition in Western Antarctica.

The Twelfth Belarusian Antarctic Expedition will leave for Antarctica on November 8 by plane from Minsk to Cape Town and then by local Antarctic flights to the Belarusian Station Mount Vechernyaya. This season, cooperation in the Antarctic is to be expanded. One member of the expedition (a geophysicist engineer) will work as part of the Bulgarian Antarctic expedition, another one will join the Turkish scientific research of the geoecological direction, and one more expedition member will join the Russian biological research. Each member of the expedition is assigned tasks within the main and related specialties. They will not only continue to further build up the infrastructure of the 1st stage of the station, but also to carry out a large amount of work on sampling of the Antarctic natural materials, and to conduct a large complex of scientific research.