National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Belarusian polar explorers wish Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

The team of the Twelfth Belarusian Antarctic expedition wishes the staff of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

We wish you and your family strong polar health and great happiness, peace and prosperity, new scientific ideas and discoveries! May each day of the New Year bring love and respect, joy and harmony, warmth and comfort!

The 12th BAE team:

  • Aleksey Gaidashov, Head of the expedition,
  • Aleksey Hatkevich, leading expert,
  • Aleksey Zakhvatov, mechanical engineer,
  • Sergey Puninsky, surgeon,
  • Anton Makas, engineer-radiometer,
  • Nikita Iziderov, hydrometeorologist,
  • Dmitry Golub, electrician,
  • Yuri Giginyak, environmental engineer (Progress Station, Russia),
  • Pavel Shablyko, geophysicist engineer (St. Clement of Ohrid Station, Bulgaria).