National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Monthly Scientific Journal

Publisher: RUE "Publishing House «Belorusskaya nauka»", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

ISSN 1818-9806
Published since June 1995
Issued 12 times a year in Russian and Belarusian. Summary in English and Russian

Chief Editor: V.G. Gusakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Targets and goals:
The magazine "Agrarian Economics" publishes articles on the economics of agro-industrial production, as well as materials informing about the latest technologies and developments of domestic and foreign scientists in various branches of agriculture, about the state policy of Belarus in this area.

Editorial address:
Kazintsa st. 103, room 109, 220108, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Email address:
Phone: (017) 398-09-38

Rules for authors of the journal "Agrarian Economics"

The editorial board asks the authors of the submitted materials to follow the following rules.

  1. Submitted articles must be original materials not previously published in other print publications. The article is submitted in printed form, with a clear image and a separate file on electronic media. The volume of the article includes text, tables, drawings, photographs and bibliography. The text of the article is presented in Russian, Belarusian or English. Its title must be accompanied by the author's full name and surname in English transliteration, as well as the translation of the article’s title into English itself..

    The electronic version must be typed in a Microsoft Word text editor (DOC format), the Arial font is used for typing (14 pt point size, 2 intervals, 0 cm indent (before and after), auto (before and after) interval). Pages are numbered from the first inclusive.

    Functions "link", "hyperlink", "footnote", "autoformat", "macro", etc. when typing is not used. If necessary, footnotes are drawn up manually and placed at the end of the text - before the list of sources used..

    Tables are part of the text and are typed using the table editor included in Microsoft Word. The width of the tables is 100%. When switching to a new page, an automatic table break is allowed..

    Formulas are part of the text. They are performed using the Microsoft Equations Editor Formula Editor with the Arial font. Latin characters typed in italics.

    Photographs, pictures and other raster images that do not contain text shall be submitted as TIFF or JPEG files not included in the text of the article with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

    Images containing text (diagrams, graphs, charts) are performed using Microsoft Word (the “drawing” function) or Microsoft Excel and are represented as files of the format used to create them (DOC or XLS) not included in the text of the article.

    The text included in the illustration is typed in Arial..

    Files of illustrations are numbered according to the order of their location in the article..

    Signatures to the illustrations are part of the text of the article. Their location corresponds to the location of the photographs (drawings).

  2. In accordance with the International System of Units of Measurement (SI), the dimension of all quantities used in the article should correspond to the specified measurement system.

  3. The used literature is given by the general list on a separate page, bibliographic records are arranged in order of citation. References in the text are indicated by sequence numbers in square brackets. References should be designed in accordance with State Standards 7.1-2003 and 7.82-2001.

    Unpublished references are not allowed..

  4. According to the order of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus of October 5, 2005 No. 143, the magazine "Agrarian Economics" is included in the list of scientific publications for the publication of the results of dissertation research in economic and agricultural sciences. The articles qualified as scientific publications are accompanied in one copy by a review with the certified signature of the reviewer, the expert council's conclusion on the possibility of publishing the work in the open press, a summary (summary) in Russian and English, an index on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is indicated Articles on the results of work carried out in a scientific institution must have permission from the Directorate of this institution to publish.

    For works in which authors' teams include academicians and corresponding members, the submission of reviews is not required.

  5. The text of a scientific article should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 5 of the Instructions for dissertation, abstract and publications on the topic of the dissertation (approved by the Resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus No. 2 dated February 22, 2006, published in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus on 20.03.2006, No. 41, 7/603) in view of the changes and additions made to the instruction by the resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus of August 15, 2007 No. 4 (published in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus 7.09.2007 No. 213, 7/743).

  6. The material must be signed by all authors. The article on a separate page includes information about the authors, information about the place of work, positions held, academic degrees and titles, the passport data of the authors, their office and home phone numbers (with city code), e-mail addresses.

  7. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to rejection of the article from publication or postponement of its terms.