National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Publisher: RUE "Institute of Physics named after B.I. Stepanov of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

ISSN 0514-7506
Published since September 1964
Issued 6 times a year in Russian. Annotations in English

Chief Editor: V.A. Tolkachev , Institute of Physics named after B.I. Stepanov of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Targets and goals:
The journal publishes original articles and brief reports on the results of scientific research, reviews, chronicles of scientific life, reviews of new books and scientific and technical information on applied spectroscopy and related issues in the following sections: I. Atomic spectroscopy. II. Molecular spectroscopy. III. Luminescence. IV. Laser spectroscopy. V. Nonlinear spectroscopy. VI. Spectroscopy of scattering media. VII. Spectroscopy of solids. VIII. Spectroscopy of nanostructures. IX. Spectroscopy of gases and plasma. X. Spectroscopy in biology and medicine. XI. Spectroscopy in environmental studies. XII. Instruments and methods of spectroscopy. XIII. Optical materials. Under the headings "Letters to the Editor" and "New Instruments and Materials", the accelerated publication of fundamentally new results in current areas of research is carried out. Advertising materials of industrial enterprises, scientific institutions, firms, publishing houses and other organizations are accepted and published (price is negotiable).
Reprinted in English under the name Journal of Applied Spectroscopy (JAS) (ISSN 0021-9037) by Springer New York.

Editorial address:
Nezavisimosti ave. 68, 220072, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Email address:
Phone: (017) 284-17-80