National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

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Publisher: Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems named after V.A. Bely of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

ISSN 0202-4977
Published since January 1980
Issued 6 times a year in Russian. Summary in English

Chief Editor: A.I. Sviridenok , Academician, Research Center of Resource Saving Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Grodno, Belarus

Targets and goals:
Journal "Friction and Wear" - the most comprehensive source of information in the CIS countries on the state of scientific research in the field of friction, wear, lubricants and their practical applications. The journal highlights the results of research in the following sections: the theory of friction and wear; physical and chemical processes at friction; contact mechanics; theory of lubrication and the development of lubricants and additives to them; friction and wear in corrosive environments, vacuum, radiation exposure, high pressures, speeds and temperatures, in artificial organs of biological objects, etc .; calculation and design of friction mates; modeling and optimization of the processes of friction and wear; methods and devices for evaluation of tribotechnical characteristics; fundamentals of frictional materials science; technological methods of managing the wear resistance of machines; economic aspects of the problem of wear resistance in industry and other industries. The journal contains information about the most important events of scientific life in the field of tribology in the CIS countries and abroad; bibliographic reviews and reviews of new books; information about new effective solutions in the field of reducing friction and wear losses and increasing the wear resistance of machines. Journal is designed for a wide circle of employees of research institutions, higher educational institutions, design and engineering organizations, factory laboratories. Journal publishes advertisements for equipment, instruments, technologies, new materials, test methods and application packages for solving a wide range of tasks related to improving the reliability and durability of machines and mechanisms.
The journal is republished in English in the USA under the name Journal of Friction and Wear (ISSN 1068-3666) by Allerton Press, Inc. - a division of Pleiades Publishing, Inc. and is available online.

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