National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Representatives of Council of Young Scientists of NASB Participate in Activities of Round Table on Support of Young Scientists

On May 28, 2020, Press Centre of UE BELTA hosted the Round Table on the topic: “Support of young scientists in Belarus: Creating conditions for scientific potential unlock”. The speakers at the event were: Andrey Ivanets, the Chief Scientific Secretary of the NASB, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the NASB, Egor Gusakov, Head of Cooperation Sector of the State Enterprise Institute of System Research in Agroindustrial Complex of the NASB, and Stanislav Yuretsky, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the NASB, Main Specialist of the Scientific and Analytical Department of the NASB administration.

Speaking of support for young scientists, Andrey Ivanets said: “The NAS of Belarus annually provides grants for research activities of postgraduates and doctoral candidates. Three new awards for the young scientists were established last year”. “Today, we are focused not only on selective support of particular young scientists, but also on creation of laboratories and creative team for young people which would be growth points for attraction of the youth and their long-term involvement in science. Clusters of various fields organized in the NAS provide attraction of the young scientists for implementation of large breakthrough multi-disciplinary projects. It is essential to create conditions for fulfilment of creative potential of the youth in the Academy”, the Main Scientific Secretary stressed.

“Participation of the young scientists in activities of research teams that joined Top 10 according to the results of the annual competition confirms involvements of the young scientists in the breakthrough cutting-edge research of the Academy of Sciences. Such developments are a significant contribution to the global science. In recent years, almost every such research team included the young scientists”, Stanislav Yuretsky added.

Egor Gusakov told about the activities of the Academy of Sciences aimed at search of talented young people, their involvement in science and support of their initiatives. "People get the idea of their future profession at school. And if they choose scientific activities, a strong support of these initiatives is one of the main tasks of the Council of Young Scientists of the NASB”, he said.