National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB Develops Technology of Efficient Broadband LED Production

The Centre of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies of the NASB has successfully completed a work cycle and developed a technology of production of efficient broadband LEDs based on a “blue” LED.

The technology allows creation of efficient yellow, green, and red LEDs by means of luminiferous transformation of blue LED emission. The technology is based on proprietary know-how in the luminophore field.

The technology is characterized by novelty, simplicity, low cost-price, high efficiency, and good parameter reproducibility. A combination of broadband colour LEDs provides white light with smooth spectrum without any sharp peaks and color rendering index more than 95, which is practically impossible with traditional monochrome LEDs. The technology allows obtaining of LED modules with predetermined spectral distribution in the visible spectrum, including radiation close to the solar spectrum (the so-called Sunlike LEDs). The technology is already successfully used by the State Enterprise Centre of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies for production of greenhouse irradiators for both industrial and home use, as well as for other tasks.

The State Enterprise Centre of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies of the NASB is a leading Belarus organization dealing with research and development, production and tests of LED devices for various purposes. Over the last years, the organization successfully developed and put into production LED street lamps, LED greenhouse irradiators, industrial LED lamps, etc. An accredited lighting technology testing laboratory of the Centre of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies is equipped with advanced highly precise equipment and is one of the best laboratories on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. The LED products and services are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, North Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, etc.