National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


The publishing house "Belaruskaya Navuka" ("Belarusian Science") published "Black Book of Belarus Invasive Species of Animals"

The book provides information on the most dangerous invasive species of animals of the Republic of Belarus, namely 6 species of aquatic invertebrates, 21 species of terrestrial invertebrates, 1 species of reptiles, 3 species of fishes and 2 species of mammals. Their description, distribution within the country and general information about their ecology is given in the book. The data on the environmental and economic damage, as well as measures to combat these species can also be found there.

The book is aimed at a wide circle of readers, students, pupils and staff of environmental institutions.

To get to know more details about the publication, please listen to a Corresponding Member of the NAS of Belarus V.P. Semenchenko, under the general editorship of whom this book was published.