National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Book “The Slavs on the territory of Belarus in the pre-state period” to be presented in Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus

On April 13, 2016 at 15.00 p.m. a presentation of the edition “The Slavs on the territory of Belarus in the pre-state period” in a series “Slavic Antiquities of Belarus” will host in the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the NAS of Belarus. The monograph was prepared by the staff of the Institute of History of the NAS of Belarus, the Belarusian State University and Mogilev State University and was published in the publishing house “Belaruskaya Navuka” (“Belarusian Science”) in February 2016.

In addition to the presentation the exhibition “On the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian archaeologist and slavist Leonid D. Pobol” was organized in the library. It presents publications devoted to Slavic problems with scientific developments of Belarus and other Slavic countries within the International Slavic Archaeology Unia (up to 1996), as well as publications of Belarusian researchers of recent decades. Among them is necessary to allocate the second volume of a four fundamental publication "Archeology of Belarus" (1999), collections of scientific works “Early Slavs of Belarusian Sub Dnepr region and Dvina region” (2003) and “Actual problems of the early history of the Slavs” in follow-up to the International Scientific Conference held in Minsk (2009).

Furthermore, a book exhibition “Sources on archaeology of Belarus” from the Library collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts will be prepared to the event. Its exposition contains books of the XIX century, which are valuable sources on the archaeology of Belarus, as well as the literature of the first third of the XX century, which shows the development of the Belarusian archaeological science. Archaeological artifacts from the collections of the Archaeological Museum of the Institute of History will also be exhibits during the presentation.

The latest scientific ideas of the Belarusian researchers in the study of archaeological sites and cultures of I millennium A.D. on the territory of Belarus as well as various conceptual approaches to solving existing problems of Slavic ethnogenesis are set out in the presented one-volume edition.

We invite all interested in the Information and Exhibition Center of the Central Scientific Library of the NASB: Minsk, Surganov str., 15, first floor, r. 110.

Contact persons:
+ 375 17 284 28 54 — Olga Levko, the Head of the Center of archeology and ancient history of Belarus of the Institute of History of the NASB;
+ 375 17 284 10 12, 284 10 03 — department of rare books and manuscripts of the Central Scientific Library of the NASB.