National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Conference on problems and prospects of Belarusian science development held with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

On April 7, 2017 a conference on the problems and prospects of the Belarusian science development was held with the President of the Republic of Belarus at the NAS of Belarus.

Before the event, Alexander Lukashenko studied attentively the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements, presented in the hall of the National Academy of Sciences. The President drew particular attention to innovations in the field of energy, industry, space technologies, biotechnologies, and also inquired about the effectiveness of practical implementation of the developments. About 40 organizations have presented their latest developments in such fields as industrial technologies and energy; information and space technologies; additive technologies and nanoindustry; defensive capacity and security; biotechnologies, medicine and pharmacy. In total, the exposition included about 150 exhibits.

At the meeting with the head of state, the future form and system of science functioning in the country was discussed. Alexander Lukashenko outlined a number of problematic issues for further study with scientists: the structure of the scientific field, the science intensity of the gross domestic product, the issues of scientific developments financing and scientists involving in major state problems solving, as well as a number of other issues related to the functioning of the national scientific field.

Summarizing the conference results, the head of state refrained from setting strategic tasks for scientists and suggested taking a break until September. By this time, the situation will be thoroughly analyzed considering all the proposals voiced at today's meeting.

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