National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Problems of gender equality discussed at round table at NASB Institute of Philosophy

The round table "Gender Equality in Belarus: from Plan to Action" was held at the Institute of Philosophy of the NASB. It was organized by members of the Intellectual Club "Women in Philosophy", functioning at the Institute of Philosophy of the NASB.

This event aimed at discussing problems and prospects for the implementation of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality in the Republic of Belarus for the years 2017-2020. The participants of the round table were searching for the effective solutions to the tasks related to improvement of the gender "climate" in Belarus, ensuring equal participation of men and women in all fields of life. They also discussed social and economic opportunities for women and men in Belarus, gender equality in professional activities and health care system, gender aspects of family relations, practices of gender violence counteracting, tools for implementing gender equality ideas, approaches to determining the content of gender education in the Republic of Belarus, mechanisms of institutional providing of gender equality and legal aspects of the implementation of gender equality ideas.