National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Employees of NASB Institute of Radiobiology take part in international scientific conference RAD 2017

On 12–16 June 2017, the fifth International Scientific Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research RAD 2017 was held in Budva, Montenegro. More than 200 people from 60 countries took part in the event. The conference discussed issues related to the general problems of radiobiology, the response of biological systems to the effects of ionizing radiation, dosimetry and radiation measurements, radiation protection, radioecology, radioactivity and environmental chemistry, radiochemistry, biophysics and environmental physics.

Igor A. Cheshik, Director of the Institute of Radiobiology, and Aleksander N. Nikitin, Head of the Institute’s Radioecology Laboratory, represented the NAS of Belarus at the conference. During the conference, they held talks with representatives of scientific organizations of the EU, Russia, and Ukraine and discussed prospects for joint research projects.