National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB and Alferov’s Foundation announced competition for Young Scientists Award 2017

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Foundation for Support of Education and Science (Alferov’s Foundation) announce a competition for young scientists (up to 35 years as of January 1 of the competition year) for the awards of the NASB and Alferov's Foundation for the best research work (a separate scientific work or a set of works united by a common theme) for the year 2017 in the following areas (nominations):
  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical, Technical and Engineering Science;
  • Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Agricultural and Earth Sciences;
  • Humanitarian and Social Sciences.

    The right to nominate candidates for the awards is given to:

  • the Chairman of the NASB Presidium;
  • the President of Alferov's Foundation;
  • full members (Academicians), corresponding members and foreign members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • heads of the NASB organizations, carrying out research, the subjects of which corresponds to the area of research (nomination);
  • the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research.

    Regulations on awards and application form for awards competition.

    Documents for the competition are to be sent before 31 October 2017 with the note For the competition for Alferov’s Award for Young Scientists 2017 in _______________ at the following address: 220072, 66 Independence Avenue, Minsk, office 317. Contact phone numbers: +375(017)284 24 56, +375(017)284 28 26.