National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB Institute of Power Engineering contributes to opening largest solar power station in Belarus

The largest in Belarus photovoltaic station (solar power station) with a capacity of 55 MW opened near Rečyca. The work was carried out with the scientific support of the Institute of Power Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

According to Anton Bryn’, Director of the Institute, the Academy’s specialists carried out an energy examination, developed an integrated feasibility study for the introduction of a power station (initially, the construction of a station with a smaller capacity was planned).

The station was built by request of the Belorusneft association in the Rečyca district and occupied an area of about 115 hectares. Almost 218 thousand solar panels are installed there. A Slovenian company, which produces premium-class photovoltaic modules and installation systems, was the supplier of equipment.

Before that, a complex built near Bragin was considered the most powerful photovoltaic station. Its rated capacity reaches 18,48 MW.

Until recently, only three dozen solar stations with a total capacity of just 41 MW have been operating in Belarus. According to the state program on energy saving, Belarus plans to build more solar power stations with a capacity of at least 250 MW by 2020.