National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Institute of Philosophy of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus co-organizes international scientific online events

The Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Belarus co-organized the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Culture and Problem of Civilizational Choice", the International Philosophical and Methodological Seminar "Human Problem: History and Modernity", as well as the International Round Table "Ideas and Justification of Changes to the Transformation Programs" (15-16 March 2018, Ust-Kamenogorsk – Kostanay – Minsk). The events were held online. Thanks to this format of events, participants from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were able to join them.

Director of the Institute of Philosophy Anatoly Lazarevich and the staff took an active part in the fifth meeting of the conference "Transformations in Culture as a Consequence of Civilizational Choice: Philosophical and Ideological Aspects of Analysis", as well as in the fifth meeting of the philosophical and methodological seminar "Dialectics and Moral Self-Determination of Person". Participants could exchange views on socio-cultural issues, mechanisms of cultural, educational, social, moral and environmental transformations of modern society.