National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Twenty eight NASB organizations to feature more than 200 developments and technologies at BELAGRO 2018

Twenty eight organizations of the NAS of Belarus will participate in the 28th International Specialized Exhibition BELAGRO 2018. Scientists and specialists of the Academy of Sciences will present more than 200 developments and technologies there.

The organizations of the Department of Agrarian Sciences will occupy an open exhibition area of 2,158 sq. m. Agricultural products, machinery, equipment, seeds of the latest high-productive varieties of agricultural plants will be demonstrated in the technological chain with modern energy-saving technologies of all industries related to production, processing, transportation, storage and sale.

The exhibition will feature the latest developments of scientists. For the first time, the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization will present a transport-technological system with a lifting capacity of 25 tons (SST-25), designed for receiving, transporting and applying solid organic fertilizers (peat, manure, compost and other types), and a bale storage (NT-3). The NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Animal Husbandry organizes a specialized exposition of achievements of the domestic animal husbandry and poultry. Scientists of the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Growing will feature early maturing, mid-early, mid-maturing, mid-late and late varieties of potatoes, varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops, and products of their processing.

Among other novelties, the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Foodstuffs will demonstrate children's food products with high food and biological value, enriched with minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers: fruit and vegetable juices, nectars, purees, canned meat, yoghurts, dairy bio products, baby food in a pouch package, etc.

NASB organizations of non-farm profile will be located on the closed area of 95 sq. m. in the TLC Globus Park. They will present developments in the field of biotechnologies for animal husbandry, fish farming, plant growing and foodstuffs, ecology, and LED technologies for agriculture. Thus, the NASB Institute of Microbiology will feature biological preparations for industrial fish farming, among them there is a probiotic preparation for the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases of valuable fish species. Among other developments of microbiologists, there are complex preparations for disinfection and purification of water in ponds and reservoirs, for restoration of soil microbocenosis and increase of crop yields, etc.

The NASB Center for Identification Systems will present the State Information System of Identification, Registration, Traceability of Animals and Products of Animal Origin (AITS), which is used for registration of owners of animals of all forms of ownership and animal husbandry facilities, as well as registration and identification of animals. The system ensures traceability of the life cycle and health status of animals on the basis of international and national norms and standards in the field of identification of animals and animal products.

At BELAGRO-2018, the Academy’s scientists will organize a number of scientific forums. A large block of events was prepared by the specialists of the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization. The seminars “The Future of Agriculture Related to the Use of GPS-Technologies", "Innovations in Technologies of Cultivation, Harvesting, Laying on Storage and Pre-Sale Preparation of Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit and Berry Products", "Increasing the Efficiency of Agricultural Works with the Use of New Technologies of Mini-Filling Stations", "Everything You Need for the Preparation of High-Quality Feed", "Technologies and Equipment to Reduce Losses of Ammonia Nitrogen from Animal Manure" will be held for specialists in agriculture.