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Huawei Innovation Research Program provides funding for innovative research

HIRP (Huawei Innovation Research Program) provides funding for research institutes and universities conducting innovative research in the field of communication technologies, informatics, engineering, and in related fields.

Each candidate applying should have a full-time job in a research institute or be a full-time faculty member (teacher, docent, professor) in a university.

Students applications are not accepted.

Both open application process (HIRP OPEN) and invitation of specific scientists on Huawei initiative (HIRP FLAGSHIP) are possible.

HIRP OPEN presumes the financial support of one-two year projects on a contract basis.

Huawei issues «HIRP OPEN Call for Proposals» annually (usually in April or May), which lists the main research topics for which proposals are requested (until June).

Huawei technical experts, together with international experts, select proposals (until July), which receive financial support in the amount of 30 000 to 70 000 USD. In some cases, higher amounts of financial support are possible.

The HIRP OPEN program doesn’t accept joint research proposals from multiple universities. Such proposals can be considered in the HIRP FLAGSHIP program.

The HIRP FLAGSHIP program also provides funding for a large multi-year research.

Participation in the HIRP FLAGSHIP program is possible only on the initiative of Huawei and by its invitation only.

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