National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Nauka i Innovatsii (Science and Innovation) journal announces competition on scientific photo and visualization

The Nauka i Innovatsii (Science and Innovation) journal invites creators of photo images and science visualizers to participate in the competition of scientific photo images and visualization «Visualization of Science», which aims to show the breathtaking beauty of the microcosm.

The competition is open both to researchers, and professional photographers, artists and photojournalists.

The competition accepts images taken in macro mode, generated by a computer or electron microscopes, and infographics.

The following nominations are announced: the best photo image, the best infographics, and the best visualization.

The works (indicated “VS”) will be accepted by the address until December 10, 2018.

The aesthetic and informational value of images are the main selection criteria.

The works of the competition participants will be posted on the journal website. The winners will be awarded with diplomas, their works will be published in the journal (the fee is provided) and will decorate the calendar of the NAS of Belarus for 2019.

By sending photos to the competition, the author gives his/her consent to their publication in the media, posting on the Internet and social media, etc.

Mandatory information and requirements for the works are set forth in the application form.

The winners will be announced no later than December 20, 2018. They will be awarded with prizes before February 20, 2018. All the winners will receive an e-mail notification and a detailed instruction on obtaining diplomas.