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Доклады Национальной академии наук Беларуси, 2001, Том 45, No.3

Главная страница / Издания академии / Научные журналы

Доклады Национальной академии наук Беларуси, 2001, Том 45, No.3


Издатель: "Белорусская наука", Минск, Беларусь

Том 45, Номер 3; май-июнь, 2001

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Tikhonov S. V., Yanchevskii V. I.
Two-torsion part of unramified Brauer groups of function fields of hyperelliptic curves. pp. 5--6

Summary: The description of generators and relations of 2-torsion part of Brauer groups of split hyperelliptic curves of even degree is obtained.

Barabanov E. A., Kuznetsov S. V.
The Bohl exponents of linear differential systems with decreasing perturbations. pp. 7--10

Summary: The properties of extreme Bohl exponents of solutions of linear differential systems are studied at perturbations of their matrices of coefficients, decreasing at infinity.

Gladkov A. L., Guedda M., Kersner R.
The Cauchy problem for the KPZ equation. pp. 11--14

Summary: Results on the existence and uniqueness of solutions of the initial-value problem with unbounded initial data for the generalized deterministic KPZ equation ut= uxx + l |ux|q, l > 0, q >1, are obtained. Also the asymptotic behaviour of selfsimilar blowup solutions is investigated.

Bernik V. I.
Upper estimate for the measure of the collection of real numbers with a given fnite order of approximation. pp. 15--17

Summary: Sets of points with a given order of approximation by roots of linear forms with integer coefficients are studied. Upper bounds for the measure of the sets are obtained.

Sotskii A. B.
Concerning the calculation of the complex roots of transcendental equations. pp. 18--21

Summary: The problem of computing the roots of a transcendental equation f(z) = 0 with an arbitrary meromorphic function f(z), located in a closed simple-connected area of the complex plane, is reduced to the algebraic one. It is shown that the roots whose multiplicity is below four can be found in radicals.

Lipnitsky A. A.
p-Primary torsion of Brauer groups of elliptic curves with nonsplit multiplicative reduction defined over real power series. pp. 22--25

Summary: The description of an abstract structure of odd p-primary torsion of Brauer groups of elliptic curves with nonsplit multiplicative reduction defined over real formal power series has been obtained. The representation of the elements of Brauer groups by crossed product algebras is provided.

Glaeske K.-J., Kilbas A. A.
Generalized Hankel transform in weighted Lp-spaces. pp. 26--31

Monakhov V. S.
On the 3-solvability of finite factorable groups. pp. 32--36

Summary: Let the finite 3-solvable group G = AB be the product of two subgroups A and B. Suppose that the Sylow 2- and Sylow 3-subgroups of A and of B are cyclic. It is proved that then the group G is 3-supersolvable and has a normal Hall {2,3}'-subgroup.

Lomovtsev F. E.
Hyperbolic second-order differential-operational equations with variable domains of discontinuous operator coefficients. pp. 37--40

Summary: The existence and uniqueness theorem of strong solutions of the Cauchy problem for hyperbolic second-order differential equations with variable domains of discontinuous operator coefficients is proved.

Suprunenko I. D.
Minimal polynomials of unipotent elements in nonreducible representations of classical groups above the odd characteristic fields. pp. 41--44

Summary: The minimal polynomials of the images of unipotent elements in irreducible representations of the classical algebraic groups over fields of odd characteristic are found.

Yanovich L. A., Doroshko V. V.
Multiple operator interpolation with omissions of differentials of some orders. pp. 45--50

Summary: Operator interpolation formulae of Hermite-Birkhoff type are constructed in general linear spaces and some spaces of differentiable functions. These formulae are exact for special classes of operator polynomials.

Sel'kin M. V., Skiba A. N.
On lattices of Schunck t-classes. pp. 51--53

Summary: It is proved that for any homomorph of finite groups X and for every subgroup X-functor t the lattice Lt(X) of all Schunck t-classes in X is a Hayling but not Stone (in the general case) lattice.



Zakrevskii A. D., Vasil'kova I. V.
An explosion effect in local reduction of the systems of logical equations. pp. 54--55

Summary: An explosion effect has been revealed during computer experiments over original algorithms for reducing large systems of logical equations that have few common roots. When the number of equations in a system grows steadily and reaches some critical value, the average number of roots in equations decreases abruptly to some very low value.



Sheleg A. U., Dekola T. I., Tekhanovich N. P.
Investigation of the effect of g-irradiation on the characteristics of phase transitions in [NH2(CH3)2]2•CuCl4 crystals using the measured heat capacity data. pp. 56--58

Summary: The heat capacity investigations of the [NH2(CH3)2 • CuCl4 crystal were performed in the temperature region from 80 to 300 K depending on g-irradiation dose by adiabatic calorimetry. With lowering temperature two anomalies were detected in the curve Cp(T). The character of the anomalies is typical of the first-order phase transition (PT). It is shown that with a rise in the g-irradiation dose the value of the anomalies decreases, and the PT temperatures are shifted: Tc increases, and T1 decreases.

Kolkovskii I. I., Komarov F. F., Luk'yanitsa V. V.
Effect of growth structural disturbances on the distribution of boron and phosphorus dopants in large-diameter silicon crystals. pp. 59--62

Summary: The results of investigations of the doping impurity longitudinal distributions for boron and phosphorus atoms in large diameter (d » 150 mm) p- and n-silicon wafers (r = 4.5--12 Om. sm) are presented. It is established that a considerable part of doping impurities in the n- and p-type conductivity virgin crystals after growing procedure can be in electrically nonactive ("bond") state. Though the part of these impurities are in "bond" states is different in n- and p--Si, however it decreases from the top to the end part in both ingots. That is caused by heterogeneous distribution of impurity -- defect accumulations along the crystal. It is shown that under high temperature treatment (T = 750°C, t = 0.5 h) and gamma-quanta radiation thermal and "gradiation-induced" activation of doping impurities occurs. It results in changing of the character of their distribution over the crystal.

Gladkov L. L., Shkirman S. F., Konstantinova V. K., Solov'ev K. N.
IR spectra of tetrabenzoporphin metal complexes and their interpretation. pp. 63--66

Summary: The IR spectra of tetrabenzoporphin complexes with zinc and copper have been studied. The normal coordinate analysis of these molecules has been carried out with the use of the valence force fields of Cu porphin and phenanthrene. Joint analysis of the experimental data and the calculation results made it possible to suggest an interpretation of the spectra obtained and to establish the influence of the annelation of the benzene rings on the vibrational states of the porphyrin macrocycle and the benzene fragments.



Pyzhova N. S., Nikandrov V. N.
Activation of chymotrypsinogen and pepsinogen by active forms of oxygen. pp. 67--70

Summary: The treatment of purified samples of a-chymotrypsinogen A or pepsinogen with H2O2, Fe+2 or O2- -generating systems leads to a significant increase of proteolytic activity. H2O2-induced activation of both zymogens are strongly inhibited by nitrotetrazolium blue, and pepsinogen activation -- also by azide or formate. The effect of Fe2+ or O2- -generation systems depends on their concentration, ionic composition of medium, and composition of the systems.

Arsenov D. V., Kisel' M. A., Strel'chonok O. A.
Synthesis of N-arachidonoyl-O-phospho-L-serine and N-arachidonoyl-O-phospho-L-tyrosine as unsaturated lysophosphatic acid receptor antagonists. pp. 71--73

Summary: A method for preparing unsaturated antagonists of lysophosphatidic acid receptor has been developed. The synthesis of N-arachidonoyl-O-phospho-L-serine and N-arachidonoyl-O-phospho-L-tyrosine is described.



Petukhov V. B.
The early gonado- and gametogeneses of the European eel Anguilla anguilla (Anguillidae). pp. 74--77

Summary: The early gonado- and gametogenesis of the European eel Anguilla anguilla were studied and their division into periods (pregonadal, indifferent and period of cell and gonad differentiation) was proposed. The peculiarities of early gonado- and gametogenesis -- the delay of pregonadal period beginning, the prolonged time of the next ones, especially of indifferent one, and the gonad differentiation by two ways (juvenile protogyny and juvenile hermaphroditism) -- were shown.

Shishko Zh. F., Mikhailova R. V., Yasenko M. I., Lobanok A. G., Eryomin A. N., Metelitsa D. I.
Characteristics of the exocellular glucose oxidase of Penicillium funiculosum. pp. 78--81

Summary: Exocellular glucose oxidase (GO) of the fungus Penicillium funiculosum with the molecular weight of its subunit of 70 kDa and the maxima absorption at 277.8, 383.2 and 455.5 nm was purified by ultrafiltration. The enzyme contains 27.5% of a-helics, 13.2% antiparallel and 5.5% collateral b-frames as well as 19.0% of b-flexures. GO was stable in solutions with pH 2--6 and at temperatures of up to 40•C and catalitically more active and effective than GO of. P. amagasakiense and Aspergillus niger.

Gurin V. N., Sidorenko A. V., Tsaryuk V. V.
Special features of intersphere asymmetry in narcotized rats exposed to microwave irradiation. pp. 82--84

Summary: It has been demonstrated experimentally that the correlation dimension values may be used as a stable parameter characterizing a change in the brain intersphere relations taking place under the effect of microwave-range electromagnetic fields. Subsequent to the microwave treatment, the intersphere correlation may be improved, an increase in the bioelectric process dynamics of both hemispheres is possible, and the phenomenon of biological resonance may be realized.

Gordiiko E. V., Belyanovich L. M., Rudenok A. N., Konev S. V.
Physiological significance of branching of the respiratory chain in Candida utilis. pp. 85--87

Summary: It has been shown that in acid medium the respiratory function of yeast Candida utilis was kept provided that the both terminal oxidases (cytochrome c oxidase and cyanide-resistant terminal oxidase) were possessed of catalytic activity. It is suggested that the branching of the yeast respiratory chain in the terminal region was initiated by unfavorable growth conditions, among which the low pH values of cultivation medium are dominant.

Lemesh V. A., Malyshev S. V., Grushetskaya Z. E., Khotyleva L. V.
Application of RAPD-analysis to determination of the taxonomic status of wild relatives of cultivated flax. pp. 88--90

Summary: Genetic relationship between wild relatives and different forms of common flax (L. usitatissimum L.) and their phylogenetic interrelations were estimated by molecular markers on the basis of RAPD-PCR. Dendrogram of genetic similarity between the accessions studied was plotted according to RAPD-spectra. The species L. grandiflorum (2n = 16) is located apart. L. perenne and L. austriacum (2n = 18), morphologically distinguishable with difficulty are clearly differentiated with respect to RAPD-profiles. Taxonomic status of L. angustifolium Huds., L. bienne Mill. and L. crepitans (Boenn.) Dumort was defined. The method of molecular marking of genome was shown to allow reliable identification of flax accessions, elucidation of their taxonomic status and determination of phylogenetic interrelations between cultivated flax varieties and its wild relatives and thereby solution of moot points of systematics.



Karataev G. I.
Geomechanical characteristics of the Central-Belorussian Belt of palaeconvergence of Fennoscandie and Sarmatie. pp. 91--94

Summary: On the basis of geomechanical modelling it was distinguished that large deformations of depth strata of the Earth's crust in suture zone of the Central-Belorussian Belt are stipulated by horizontal forces of compression. These forces appeared as a result of palaeoconvergence of Fennoscandie and Sarmatie tectonic segments of the East-European Precambrian Craton. The system of external forces, stresses and deformations is considered. Appropriate evaluations of geomechanical characteristics of the process of the Earth's crust deformations are given for the period of 1.85 -- 1.70 Ga.

Rylova T. B.
Evolution of the vegetation and climate of Belarus in the Upper Oligocene and Miocene deposits. pp. 95--99

Summary: Palynological investigation of the Upper Oligocene and Miocene deposits of Belarus allowed one to subdivide them into 29 pollen zones corresponding to the definite phases of the development of vegetation and climate. Four climatic optimums (two of them correspond to the Smoliarka time, one -- to the Burnosy time and one optimum -- to the Lozy time interval) and five pessimums were characteristic of the Miocene epoch.

Kruchek S. A., Tolstosheev V. I., Nekryata N. S., Klimenko Z. M.
On the occurrence of Carboniferous age in the south of the North-Pripyat Shoulder. pp. 100--104

Summary: Stratigraphic and paleontological investigations were used as a basis to distinguish deposits of the lower series (Tournaisian -- Lower Visean) of the Carboniferous in the south of the North-Pripyat Shoulder. Numerous redeposited miospores found in these deposits suggest that the erosion processes were active there during the Early Carboniferous.

Shishonok N. A.
Manifestation of the genesis and age of the Belarus relief in its morphometric characteristics. pp. 105--107

Summary: A morphometric analysis of the Belarus territory allowed determination significant spatial variation of relief characteristics, which is conditioned by a genetic diversity of a relief and its different age. Here, morphometric features of northern, centra] and southern parts of the country are the evidence of the forming of a relief within these territories by separate glacial sheets.



Sholomitskii V. I.
Estimation of the resource of the bearing parts of mobile machines in the stage of design. pp. 108--111

Summary: The technique of an estimation of the resource of the carrying parts of machines in the stage of design is evaluated, which includes the following methods: estimations of a cycle life and selection of dangerous zones from the point of view of a fatigue of zones, expert estimation loading of these zones and refinement of the element models of a frame; definition of dynamic stresses usirg the finite element method in dangerous zones, estimation of the characteristics of a fatigue strength of materials; local simulation and estimation of tight -- strained state dangerous from the point of view of a fatigue of zones of parts; formation of modes of tests with the registration of nonstationary process of loading using a cumulative distribution function of Weibull; estimations of durability in kilometers per run.

Vantsevich V. V., Vysotskii M. S., Dubovik D. A.
Development of the methods of synthetizing the drive circuits of vehicles. pp. 112--115

Summary: The control problem of the circumferential force distribution on the driving wheels of a motor vehicle has been considered in the article. A new and promising method of a two-criterion optimization of the circumferential wheel forces has been developed. This method takes into account criteria both of traction vehicle performance and steerability of the vehicle.

Mushovets I. I., Khmyl' A. A., Dostanko A. P.
Simulation of changes in concentration in formation of silver-ultradispersed diamond composite coatings. pp. 116--119

Summary: The mechanism of electrodeposition of silver coatings from ferrocyanide electrolyte with ultradispersed diamons (UDD) was studied. The influence of nonsteady electrolysis modes on the mass transport processes in silver-UDD electrodeposition has been estimated. The electrolysis regimes are optimized.

Burya A. I., Kozlov G. V., Sviridenok A. I.
Fractal analysis of the volume of the interphase layer in glass-reinforced plastics based on polyarylate. pp. 120--122

Summary: In the article use of the methods of the fractal analysis for the characteristic interphase of a layer of plastic glasses on a basis polyarilate is shown.

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