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Доклады Национальной академии наук Беларуси, 2004, Том 48, No.3

Главная страница / Издания академии / Научные журналы

Доклады Национальной академии наук Беларуси, 2004, Том 48, No.3


Издатель: "Белорусская наука", Минск, Беларусь

Том 48, Номер 3; май-июнь, 2004

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Milovanov M. V.
On existence of complete involutive function sets on tangent fibrations of solvable manifolds. pp. 5--8

Summary: Existence of complete involutive collection formed by analytical functions on cotangent fiber bundles of an arbitrary compact solvable manyfold is proved.

Yanovich L. A., Tarasevich A. V.
Interpolation of functions given on sets of matrixes with Jordan and Kronecker's multiplication. pp. 9--13

Summary: Interpolation formulas for functions given on sets of matrixes with Jordan and Kronecker's multiplication are constructed. The classes of matrix polynomials are indicated, for which some of the constructed formulas are invariant.

Radyna Ya. M.
Local and adelic distributions. Fourier Transform. pp. 14--18

Summary: We study concrete local (p-adic and real) and adelic distributions. Finite part distribution is interpreted as zero term in Laurent series for homogenous distribution. We introduce adelic finite part distribution, give generalization of Tate distribution and obtain analog of functional equation for it using Fourier transform.

Knyazhische L. B.
Asymptotic stability conditions in large for retarded equations. pp. 19--21

Summary: Conditions of asymptotic stability are obtained for retarded equations on the base of Lyapunov functionals.

Gabasov R., Dmitruk N. M., Kirillova F. M.
Optimal conditionally relative observation of linear systems with disturbances. pp. 22--27

Summary: A problem of obtaining information about an output of a nonstationary linear system with finite-parametric disturbances and partially unknown initial states on measurements with noisy finite-parametric errors is under consideration. A dual method for calculating a posteriori estimates and an algorithm for the optimal estimator which calculates current values of a positional solution in real time are presented.

Barkovich O. A., Benyash-Krivets V. V.
On Tits alternative for generalized triangular groups of (2,6,2) type. pp. 28--33

Summary: The validity of the Tits alternative for generalized triangular groups of (2,6,2) type is proved.

Naumik M. I.
Semigroup of linear relations. pp. 34--37

Summary: Using the description (classification) of congruences on a semigroup of linear relations of the rank equal to zero and the description (classification) of congruences on the field, the paper gives the description of congruences on the semigroup of linear relations.

Lipnitsky A. A., Tikhonov S. V., Yanchevskii V. I.
Pythagorean numbers of function fields of elliptic curves with good reduction defined over special hereditarily Pythagorean fields. pp. 38--40

Summary: Pythagorean numbers of function fields of special elliptic curves defined over hereditarily pythagorean field R((t)) computed.

Zabreiko P. P., Tarasik T. V.
Banach--Caccioppoli principle for operators of K-normed linear spaces and stochastic differential equations. pp. 41--45

Summary: The analogue of classical Picard theorem about the unique solvability of the Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations is proven for stochastic differential equations with Lipschitzian right hand sides. The proof is based on the modification of Banach--Caccioppoli fixed point principle for operators in sequentially complete K-normed linear spaces and is an exact analogue to the classical proof of the Picard theorem on the base of the classical Banach--Caccioppoli fixed point principle. Moreover, it is shown that the theory of K-normed linear spaces makes it possible to define a special norm in original space L2(|0, T) x W, b x F x P) so that the unique solvability of the Ito equations can be obtained as a consequence of the usual Banach--Caccioppoli fixed point principle.



Rylov A. S.
Speech pattern recognition with development of multiple composite reference models for each class. pp. 46--50

Summary: The theoretical basis and experimental investigation results for a new method of the speech pattern recognition are presented. Its essence is a creation of the reference template model multitude for each class. Each model consists of static and dynamic submodels. They are compared with the corresponding test subvectors. For this four different distance measures are used. Taking into account a priority of the distance measures, step by step decision making algorithm about recognition results is used. The efficiency of the method was examined by creation of a texdependent speaker recognition system which has demonstrated fine recognition reliability.



Gusak N. A.
On kinetics of charge grating building-up and decay in photorefractive crystals. pp. 51--56

Summary: Solutions describing the building-up and decay of the charge gratings in the photorefractive crystals are found. It is shown that the characteristic time of these processes does not coincide with Maxwell's relaxation time tm under some conditions. It takes place at small tm However, the grating decay occurs according to Maxwell's relaxation law in the region of large tm.



Tolstopyatov E. M.
Estimate of maximum molecular weight of polymer ablation products. pp. 57--61

Summary: The maximun size of an evaporated molecular fragment at polyethylene (~2300--2500 amu) and polytetrafluoroethylene (~8000 amu) ablation is determined by means of a classical approach proceeding from the reference data on enthalpy changes at paraffins and fluoroparaffins evaporation. The equivalent degree of polymerisation is about 80 for both polymers. The data obtained are proposed to use in an analysis of a secondary polymerisation process in condensed ablation products of non-polar polymers. The conditions promoting increase of the part of heavy fractions in a molecular flow at different ablation methods are analysed, which can be used for thin coating deposition.

Kostyuk S. V., Dubovik A. Y., Shiman D. I., Gaponik L. V., Mardykin V. P., Kaputskii F. N., Antipin L. M.
"Living" cationic polymerization of styrene with the 1-phenylethyl chloride/SnCl4/Ph3CCl system. pp. 62--64

Summary: The cationic polymerization of styrene with a 1-phenylethyl chloride/SnCl4/Ph3CCl system has been investigated. It was established that the application of Ph3CCl causes passing of living polymerization. It was shown that the 1-phenylethyl chloride/SnCl4/Ph3CCl initiating system is useful for obtaining polystyrene with controlled Mn (up to 5000) and number-average end functionality (Fnw/Mn ~ 1.2).



Konoplya E. F., Rutkovskaya Z. A., Morozkina T. S.
Functional correction of body antioxidant system by b-carotene and A, E, C vitamins complex during 137Cs incorporation. pp. 65--67

Summary: The paper presents results of study of effect of internal irradiation on certain indices of enzymic and non-enzymic protector of rat organism with 137Cs incorporation. The complex of b-carotene and A, E, C vitamins is proposed in order to correct the disturbances in system of antioxi-dant protection of rat at the incorporation of 137Cs. This complex strengthens the antioxidant protection of organism of animals and thereby increases its radioresistance.

Kulesh V. F., Alekhnovich A. W.
Production of narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Esch.) under-yearlings in polyculture using warm waste water from thermal power station. pp. 68--72

Summary: Juveniles of narrow-clawed crayfish Astacus leptodactylus were reared in a polyculture with the oriental river prawn Macrobrachium nipponense and fry of bigheat carp Aristichthys nobilis in fish-farm earth ponds at the cooling reservoir of the Bereza electric power station (Belarus). We concluded that the growth rate of the young-of-the year (YOY) crayfish in the warm waste water of the electric power station is higher than in common ponds, but YOY crayfish has very low survival in polyculture with the freshwater prawn.

Plaks A. V.
Near-field microscopy of stomatal movements: water transport characteristics in guard cells. pp. 73--76

Summary: The opportunity of the adaptation of near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) for the study of stomatal movements in vivo has been shown. Dependences of a number of parameters of Setcreasea guard cells (GC) on the width of the aperture have been calculated. Experiments at determining GC membrane hydraulic conductivity (Lp) have been carried out. Lp surpassed by more than 5 times the permeability of the lipid bilayer and amounted to 5.52 • 10-8 m • s-1 • MPa-1. The results obtained indicate that aquaporins participate in water transport during the rapid change of GC volume in stomatal movements. With the help of NSOM, spontaneous oscillations have been found, their basic characteristics have been investigated. The conclusion about possible connection of turgor pressure oscillations to the activation processes of GC membranes stretch-activated and voltage-dependent channels has been made.

Veresov V. G.
Monte Carlo study of Ca2+ and Na+ potential energy profiles in calcium channel. pp. 77--79

Summary: Monte Carlo simulations of Ca2+ and Na+ energy profile for "2+1 model" of calcium channel were performed. The interaction energies of the ions with water, ions with the channel, water with water and water with the channel were studied. A microscopic analysis shows that Ca2+ and Na+ enter into the pore with their first hydration shells, which deform when these ions reside in the binding sites thus allowing cations to have intimate contact with carboxyl oxygens of the pore. It is shown that the interaction of the cation entering into the pore with the pore carboxylates in the external part of the pore reduces essentially the energy barrier at the pore external entrance.

Vadetskaya T. N., Pinchuk S. V., Laznev K. V., Vorobey A. V.
Protective action of antioxidants during photosensitized death of thymocytes. pp. 80--83

Summary: Apoptosis and necrotic death of rat thymocytes induced by illumination of cell suspension in the presence of merocyanine 540 localized either in plasma membrane of cell or in intracellular compartments were studied. It was found that if photosensitizer is localized in plasma membrane of the cells, they die by necrotic pathway, while intracellular merocyanine 540 photosensitize also apoptosis. Exogenous low-molecular antioxidants (reduced glutathione and a-tocopherol) decrease the photosensitized necrotic death of thymocytes. When the physiological level of reduced glutathione was maintained in thymocytes by means of incubation of the cells before illumination with glucose, the lower percentage of necrotic cell death and higher percentage of apoptosis were observed compared to glucose depleted cells.

Waseem T. V., Rakovich A. A., Fedorovich S. V., Konev S. V.
Influence of rose Bengal on glutamate uptake and release in rat brain synaptosomes. pp. 84--87

Summary: Influence of vesicular glutamate uptake inhibitor rose Bengal on uptake and release of glutamate in rat brain synaptosomes was investigated. It was shown that 100 mkM of this compound significantly reduces calcium-ionophore A23187-induced release of glutamate nonmetabolizing analogue [3H]D-aspartate. But the same concentration of inhibitor leads to lowering of [14C]glutamate by 30%. So, rose Bengal inhibits not only glutamate uptake by synaptic vesicles but also their transport through plasma membrane.



Makhnach A. S., Shkuratov V. I.
Paleogeographic conditions of the Vendian volcanicity manifestation in Belarus. pp. 88--91

Summary: An active volcanism was manifested in Belarus and adjacent territories of Ukraine and Poland in the Vendian of the Later Proterozoic. This resulted in the formation of a thick (up to 350--400 m) series of volcanic and volcanic-sedimentary rocks. These form a trappean formation. Rocks of the effusive and pyroclastic facies mostly of basic, rarely acidic and intermediate composition are dominant there. Tuffites and tufofaceous sedimentary rocks are widespread.

Rylova T. B.
Palynological substantiation of the age of Bukchansky horizon of Neogene in Belarus. pp. 92--96

Summary: According to results of palynological investigations, the Neogene deposits of the Bukchansky horizon on the territory of Belarus are subdivided into five pollen zones. The comparison of them with pollen zones and pollen-spore complexes of adjacent territories of the Polish Lowland and the Oka-Don plain testifies to the Middle Miocene age of the sediments of the Bukchansky horizon (Langian -- the first half of Serravalian, Tchokrakian -- the first half of Volynian).

Chizhikov Y. A.
Peculiarities of occurrence of extreme deflation in Belarus. pp. 97--99

Summary: The seasonal, daily and zonal peculiarities of dust storms occurrence within the Belarus territory have been studied. An equation allowing to calculate duration of dust storms based on some climatic characteristics (air and soil temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity) has been suggested. A number of negative aspects of extreme deflation influence on the human activity has been defined.

Zhukovskaya T. V.
On flora of Drovec climatic optimum of the Late Pliocene in Belarus. pp. 100--104

Summary: The total list of the Late Pliocene flora from the deposits of the section 5 near Dvorec is presented. It characterizes the climatic optimum of Dvorec stage. The new Pliocene fossil species of Belarus Cicuta macrocarpa Zhuk. sp. nov. is described.



Glybin V. P., Lynkov L. M., Molodechkina T. V., Bobrotko T. V.
Buffer layers of titanium dioxide on silicon substrates. pp. 105--107

Summary: In this paper, results of study of barrier properties of thin films of titanium dioxide formed at heat treatment film-forming solutions and synthesized on the basis of titanium tetrachloride are presented. The analysis of the structure and element composition of the synthesized materials was carried out by means of X-ray diffraction and spectrometry. Time and temperature modes of heat treatment of the films were set allowing to obtain certain modification of titanium dioxide. It is shown that TiO2 films obtained by high-temperature pulsed annealing during 10 s are good buffer coat preventing infiltration of silicon atoms from substrate in overlying layers.

Samuseva L. V., Neverov A. S., Kupcbinov B. I.
Phase separation processes in polyethylene -- low-molecular fluid systems. pp. 108--112

Summary: The division of phases is investigated at cooling melting on a basis polyolefm and low-molecular liquids by the method of the thermal analysis. For systems polythene -- low-molecular alkanet and polyethylene -- carbamide derivatives formation of phases, such as "a firm solution" is shown. It is offered to use isotherms of cooling for the control of correctness of construction of diagrams of a condition on critical points on curve cooling.

Avdeichik S. V., Liopo V. A., Struk V. A., Ovchinnikov E. V., Kletsko V. V., Lu Lude, Jiang Xiao Xong
Physical aspects of modifying action on natural silicates in polymer nanocomposites. pp. 113--116

Summary: We considered physical aspects of modifying action of the particles on natural silicates in polymeric matrix. It is offered to value efficiency of geomodifiers on charged condition of the particles using the Debaj temperature QD, for calculation of the sizes of the particle Ln revealing its nanocharacteristics.

Yashcheritsyn P. I., Timoshpolsky V. I., Lenartovich D. V., Steblov A. B.
Decrease of carbide network in ШХ15CГ steel. pp. 117--121

Summary: An investigation of heating and rolling of concast billet of ball bearing steel ШХ15CГ was carried out at the RUE "Belarusian Steel Works." Efficient modes of billet heating in walking beam preheating and reheating furnaces were determined allowing to decrease carbide network in the finished rolled stock. A new mode of billet deformation in the reversing mill and rolled stock cooling method was tested and recommended for use.



Zaitsau D. M.
Social, cultural, religious and philosophic ideas in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia in XVI-XVII centuries: the problem of correlation and reciprocal influence. pp. 122--124

Summary: The paper covers Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian social / cultural and religious / philosophical interrelations in XVI-XVII centuries. As the result of the study, various conditions of interaction have been defined; common, identical and particular, specific features of development of spiritual culture and thinking have been found; the so-called "cultural transplantation" phenomenon, a feature of interaction of cultures and ideas, has been interpreted; very important matters, such as the issue of faith and cognition, spiritual/cultural and religious/philosophic dialogue between East and West, the issue of political power, have been studied at the spiritual/cultural and religious/philosophic interface; the views of some Eastern Slavonic thinkers (mainly those of Artemij and Andrej Kurbskij), their works being common cultural heritage of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, have been analyzed.

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