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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1996, Том 69, No.3

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1996, Том 69, No.3


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 69, Number 3; May--June, 1996

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To Readers of the Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics. pp.355

Z.P. Shul'man
Rheological Factor of Blood Flow in SHF-Local Hyperthermia. "Rheomed" Project. pp. 356

M.V. Yamaikina, V.A. Mansurov, E.V. Ivashkevich
Thermal Destruction of Erythrocyte Spectrin: Rheology, Deformability, and Stability with Respect to Detergents. pp. 360

Johannes H. G. M. van Beek
Heat Generation and Transport in the Heart. pp. 364

S.P. Levitskii
Blood Rheological Factor in the Problem of Gaseous Embolism. pp. 377

L.L. Vasil'ev, A.S. Zhuravlyov, F.F. Molodkin, V.V. Khrolenok, V.I. Zhdanov, V.L. Vasil'ev, S.I. Adamov, A.A. Tyurin
Medical Instrument Based on a Heat Pipe for Local Cavity Hypothermia. pp. 382

V.A. Mansurov, V.V. Kulebyakin, S.V. Vilanskaya
About Temperature Dependence of the Rheological Properties of Human Blood at Low Shear Rates. pp. 386

A.Ya. Khairullina
Optical and Biophysical Parameters of Biotissues in the Normal State and in the Case of Pathology and Multiple Scattering-Based Methods for Their Determination in the Visible and Near IR Spectral Regions. pp. 390

D. Liepsch
Biofluid Mechanical Studies in Models of Blood Vessels and Some Applications. pp. 399

M.B. Lobachenko, L.M. Belyaeva, E.V. Novikov
Development of Computerized Methods for Estimation of Peripheral Blood Circulation in Children under Screening Investigations. pp. 413

V.A. Kalion, Yu.I. Shmakov, V.A. Tyutyunov, O.N. Tyutyunova
Specific Features of Blood Flow in a Microcirculatory Cell. pp. 419

A.S. Podol'tsev
Mathematical Modeling of the Damage Threshold of Cornea Tissues by Short IR Laser Pulses. pp. 424

V.A. Sidletskii, B.S. Kolupaev
Investigation of the Interrelation between Micro- and Macroproperties of Polymers in a Block State. pp. 428

Z.P. Shul'man, E.A. Zhavrid, Yu.P. Istomin, I.V. Fain, S.Z. Fradkin
Heat Transfer in Regional Extracorporal Perfusion of Limbs. pp. 434

V.I. Prokhorova, A.A. Mashevskii, S.V. Lappo, T.P. Tsyrus', M.S. Abramovich
Hormonal and Metabolic Changes in Oncology Patients Subjected to General Hyperthermia and Ways for Their Correction. pp. 443

A.I. Teplyakov, N.G. Kruchinskii
Modification of the Functional State of Neutrophilic Granulocytes of Blood due to Coagulation and Shear Stress in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: General Cytochemical Phenomena. pp. 451

G.I. Gerasimovich, G.M. Kostin
The Hemorheological Basis of Transfusion Therapy in the Case of Extrauterine Pregnancy. pp. 456

T. A. Smirnova, F.V. Rudenko, A.V. Rutskii, Yu.D. Kovalenko
The Effect of Changes in the Intravascular Pressure and Blood Flow Rheology on Malignant Growth. pp. 460

F.V. Rudenko, A.V. Rutskii, Yu.D. Kovalenko
Reduction of Pressure in Arterial Vessels as an Antitumoral Effect. pp. 464

V.A. Gutsalenko, V.D. Stashuk
Improvement in the Resolving Power of Impedance Thermo- and Tomography of Biological Tissues. pp. 467

A.S. Artyushkevich, M.B. Lobachenko
The State of Hemodynamics and Level of Repair Processes in Patients with Lower Jaw Fractures. pp. 472

Yu.P. Ostrovskii
PlANIKS Disk Valve Prostheses. pp. 478

N.G. Kruchinskii, A.I. Teplyakov, V.T. Klimov, A.M. Gorchakov, V.A. Ostapenko
Enterosorption and Ultraviolet Irradiation of Autoblood in Complex Treatment of Patients with Radiocesium Incorporation in Their Bodies. pp. 489

D.G. Lazyuk, I.V. Sidorenko, T.V. Krushevskaya
Method of Thermography in Diagnosing Cardiovascular Diseases. pp. 494

G.P. Shorokh, V.A. Savel'ev, M.B. Lobachenko, N. I. Lobachenko
Mathematical Simulation of an Urgent Surgical Pathology of Abdominal Cavity Organs. pp. 500

E.A. Ulezko, G.G. Shan'ko
Ultrasonic Investigations of Brain in Infants with Some Neurological Diseases. pp. 505

K. Piotrowic, L.Yu. Mazanik, G.G. Man'shin
Thermal Energy Imbalance in Human Organism. A Method of Prevention and Elimination. pp. 510

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