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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1996, Том 69, No.4

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1996, Том 69, No.4


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 69, Number 4; July--August, 1996

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V.A. Babenko, L.L. Vasil'ev, L.E. Kanonchik
Compressor-Adsorber with a Heat Pipe. pp. 531

E.A. Bondarev, T. V. Sobolevskaya
Mathematical Modeling of Natural-Gas Production Systems. pp. 540

G.M. Panakhov
Concerning the Mechanism of "Choking" in Tube Flows of Disperse Systems. pp.545

B.A. Suleimanov
Effect of a Surface-Active Substance on Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Filtration of Gas-Liquid Systems in the Subcritical Region. pp. 548

V.I. Kruglov
Orbitally Quantized Vortex States of Laser Radiation and Photonic Superfluidity. pp. 554

O.G. Martynenko, N.I. Lemesh, V.N. Piskunov, L.A. Senchuk
Investigation of Gaseous Light-Beam Wavefront Correctors as Adaptive Optics Elements. pp. 568

S.I. Bondarenko, A.A. Svyatukha, V.N. Fenchenko, V.M. Bakumenko
Investigation of Planar Microrefrigerators. pp. 572

V.I. Mel'nik, B.V. Grinev
Thermostable Scintillation Detector. pp. 577

K.M. Aref'ev, N.B. Balashova, A.V. Zhilin, N.V. Vinogradova
Potential Energy of Magnesium Atom-Hydrogen Molecule Interaction and Interdiffusion Coefficient. pp. 582

V.I. Dubkova, V.I. Alekseenko, O.I. Maevskaya
Dielectric Relaxation of Epoxy Polymer in Composites Cured in an Electric Field. pp. 589

A.S. Zakirov, Kh.T. Igamberdyev, A.T. Mamadalimov, M.A. Temirova
Electro- and Thermophysical Properties of Polyaniline. pp. 598

L.M. Ul'ev
The Pressure-Flow Characteristic of Circular Molding Channels with Nonisothermal Flow of Thermoplastic Polymers. pp. 606

S.V. Alekseenko, V.V. Kylebyakin, D.M. Markovich, N.A. Pokryvailo, V.V. Tovchigrechko
Local Characteristics of an Axisymmetric Impact Jet. pp. 615

B.G. Shabashkevich, S.I. Pirozhenko, I.M. Pilat, Z.K. Khomitskaya
A Method for Calculation of Heat Transfer Coefficients for Optimization of Thermoelectric Coolers. pp. 625

V.L. Sigal, T.E. Shumakova
Thermophysical Models for Evaluation of the Activity of the Functioning Kidney by Means of Infrared Thermography. pp. 633

V.G. Litvinov, A.D. Panteleev, V.L. Sigal, Z.P. Shul'man, T.E. Shumakova
Statement of the Problem of Optimization and Control of Tissue Temperature Distribution in Local Hyperthermia of Malignant Tumors. pp. 641

A.A. Prikhod'ko, O.B. Polevoi
Influence of Heat and Mass Transfer of the Development of Two-Dimensional Separated Flows. pp. 647

E.S. Zal'tsman, A.A. Kobyshev
Solution of Inverse Problem of Solidification of a Cylindrical Ingot. pp. 657

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