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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1997, Том 70, No.6

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1997, Том 70, No.6


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 70, Number 6; November--December, 1997

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I.P. Vasilenko, L.E. Evseeva, S.F. Tanaeva, N.K. Luneva, S.M. Arinkin
Determination of Thermophysical Properties of Partly Pyrolyzed Fire Retardant-Treated Sawdust. pp. 883

B.A. Arutyunov, I.M. Grigorivker, A.I. Fesenko, V.V. Shteinbrekher
Nondestructive Techniques for Determining the Thermophysical Characteristics of Materials by the Instantaneous-Heat-Source Method. pp. 888

A.V. Kuznetsov
Study of Forced Convection in the Presence of a Liquid-Porous-Medium Interface. pp. 895

V.I. Baikov, O.M. Karatai
Concentration Polarization in Pipe Ultrafiltration. pp. 902

V.Sh. Shagapov, N.M. Khlestkina
On Propagation of Linear Waves in a Cylindrical Channel With a Permeable Wall. pp. 907

P.V. Ovsienko, L.I. Krupnik, V.G. Ainshtein
Measurement of Tangential Friction in Gas Flows with Solid Particles. pp. 914

E.F. Avdeev, I.A. Chusov
Calculations of Turbulent Jets with Finely Dispersed Solid Admixtures. pp. 919

V.N. Tkachenko
Numerical Analysis of Probability Characteristics for Temperature Processes of Fluidized-Bed Treatment of Material. pp. 924

S.P. Rudobashta, E.M. Kartashov
Unsteady Mass Transfer of Spherical Particles. pp. 930

P.P. Olodovskii
On the Theory of Suppression of Radionuclide and Heavy Metal Transfer from Soil to Plants by the Ameliorant. IV. Calculation of Binding Energy of Exchange Ions in Disperse Systems. Optimal Ameliorant Application Rate. pp. 936

V.V. Zakharenko, T.N. Azyasskaya
Diffusion Model of Longitudinal Agitation in Heat and Mass Transfer Processes. 3. Third-Level Problems. pp. 945

V.N. Makarov
Development of a Systems Approach to the Solution of Physicochemical Gasdynamics Problems. pp. 952

V.A. Sosinovich, V.A. Tsyganov, B.I. Puris, V.A. Gertsovich
Model of Fractionation and Coalescence of Gas Bubbles in a Turbulent Liquid Flow. pp. 958

O.N. Shablovskii
Concerning the Alternating-Sign Dissipation of Energy in a Fluid with Relaxing Viscous Stresses. pp. 967

V.V. Faleev, S.V. Faleev, D.A. Firtych
Heat and Mass Transfer in the Case of Sublimation in a Gap Between Rotating Disks. pp. 975

I.I. Smul'skii
A Sink-Flow Theory of Tornados. pp. 979

S.A. Isaev, N.A. Sumovskii
Resistance Reduction and Stability Improvement for Helicopter-Shipped Loads when a Leading Separation Zone is Organized. pp. 990 V.A. Bubnov
Kinetic Energy of Isolated Thermal Vortices. pp. 996

Yu.M. Rychkov, L.V. Kropocheva, A.V. Esipok
Some Properties of the Contact of Metals with Liquid Dielectrics. pp. 1003

Yu.M. Rychkov
Contact Phenomena in Poorly Conducting Liquid Media. pp. 1007

V.I. Dubkova, S.V. Bordusov, A.P. Dostanko, O.I. Maevskaya, M.M. Neverovich
Investigation of the Effect of a Microwave Field on the Curing Process and Properties of Epoxy Compositions. pp. 1014

A.V. Ivashchenko, V.V. Lobachev, S.Yu. Strakhov, A.V. Trilis
Thermally Stressed State and Optical Quality of a Glass Active Medium of a Powerful Solid-State Laser. pp. 1020

O.I. Velichko, F.F. Komarov, N.M. Lukanov, A.N. Muchinskii, N.L. Prokhorenko, V.A. Tsurko
Modeling of Ion-Implanted Arsenic Diffusion in a Polysilicon-Silicon System. pp. 1025

K.N. Korostik, I.S. Manak, V.A. Shevtsov
A Technique for Increasing the Thermal Stability of the Pulse Radiation Power of Injection Lasers. pp. 1033

A.V. Saplin
Solution of Nonlinear Problem of Combined Heat Transfer by Different Approximations of Heat Transfer Equations on Different-Scale Grids. pp. 1037

V.V. Novikov, O.B. Papkovskaya
Plastic Properties of Matrix Composites in Bending. pp. 1045

Author Index, Volume 70, 1997
Tables of Contents, Volume 70, 1997

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