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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1998, Том 71, No.1

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1998, Том 71, No.1


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 71, Number 1; January--February, 1998

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O.G. Martynenko, N.V. Pavlyukevich
Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media. pp. 5--18

Yu.V. Polezhaev, D.S. Mikhatulin, P.V. Nikitin
Simulation of Interphase Exchange in Heterogeneous Media to Develop Highly Efficient Technologies. pp. 19--29

O.M. Alifanov and I.Yu. Gedzhadze
A Method of Rapid Identification of Heat Fluxes. pp. 30--40

S.I. Fut'ko, S.I. Shabunya, S.A. Zhdanok
An Approximate Analytical Solution of the Problem of Propagation of a Filtration Combustion Wave in a Porous Medium. pp. 41--45

O.S. Rabinovich, I.G. Gurevich
Propagation of Technological Filtration Combustion Waves in Porous Media of Inhomogeneous Composition. pp. 46--50

Kyu-jong Kim
Propagation of Waves of Metal-Hydride Thermal Conversion in Blown-Through Porous Media. pp. 51--61

K.V. Dobrego, S.A. Zhdanok
Effect of the Transparency of the Skeleton on Parameters of an Axisymmetric Cylindrical Filtration Combustion Heater. pp. 62--69

V.I. Eliseev, A.P. Tolstopyat, K.M. Koval'
Filtration Flow in Fillings in the Presence of Cavities. pp. 70--74

P.V. Akulich, P.S. Kutz, E.F. Nogotov, Cz. Strumillo
Gasdynamic Processes in a Pulsating-Combustion Chamber for Drying of Materials. pp. 75--80

E.V. Vlasov, A.S. Ginevskii, T.M. Makarenko
Effect of the Mode of Flow in the Initial Boundary Layer on the Turbulence Attenuation Effect in a Jet Exposed to Acoustic Irradiation. pp. 81

E.P. Volchkov, N.A. Dvornikov, L.N. Perepechko
Mathematical Modeling of Turbulent Combustion of Hydrogen in a Boundary Layer. pp. 86--91

G.V. Konyukhov, A.A. Koroteev, V.V. Novomlinskii, B. N. Baushev
Modeling of Radiative Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer Processes in Drop-Flow-Based Heat Exchangers for Spacecraft. pp. 92--96

V.L. Zhdanov, S.P. Fisenko
Efficiency of an Air Heat Exchanger. pp. 97--102

L.E. Evseeva, S.A. Tanaeva
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Epoxy-Rubber Compounds at Low Temperatures. Influence of the Heat-Treatment Process. pp. 103--105

S.V. Mavrin, N.I. Vedeneev
Determination of the Error in Measurements of Thermophysical Characteristics of Heat-Insulating Materials. pp. 106--111

N.N. Dorozhkin, M.A. Kardapolova, M. M. Krupskaya
Metallographic and Durometric Investigations of Wear Surfaces Hardened by Laser Treatment. pp. 112--115

A.D. Andreev, V.M. Borzdov, A.A. Valiev, O.G. Zhevnyak, F.F. Komarov
Influence of the Doping Level and the Temperature on Electron Mobility in the n Channel of an MOS Field-Effect Transistor. pp. 116--119

Z.P. Shul'man, G.Ya. Slepyan
Control of Dissipation of Microwave Fields by Means of External Semitransparent Screens in Hyperthermia. pp. 120--123

E.V. Roitman, I.I. Dement'eva
Effect of Temperature on the Rheology of Blood in Surgical Operations on the Heart and Major Vessels. pp. 124--130

I.L. Babich, A.N. Veklich, V.A. Zhovtyanskii, A.I. Cheredarchuk
Physical Features and Diagnostics of the Plasma of a Free-Burhing Copper-Vapor Electric Arc. pp. 131--138

P.P. Volosevich, E.I. Levanov, A.V. Trukhan
Investigation of Gasdynamic Processes by the Method of Traveling Waves with Allowance for Volumetric Sources and Sinks. pp. 139--148

N.A. Kudryashov, E.D. Zargaryan
Nonlinear Waves in an Active-Dissipative Disperse Medium. pp. 149--154

O.V. Nagornov, O.V. Sergienko
Temperature Field of an Ice Shelf in the Vicinity of a Hot Water-Drilled Well. pp. 155--160

F.L. Sayakhov, L.A. Kovaleva, N.M. Nasyrov
Special Features of Heat and Mass Exchange in the Face Zone of Boreholes Upon Injection of a Solvent with a Simultaneous Electromagnetic Effect. pp. 161--165

V.I. Baikov, N.N. Luchko, T.V. Sidorovich
Effect of Gel Formation on the Process of Laminar Continuous-Flow Ultrafiltration. pp. 166--172

V.M. Polyaev, B.V. Kichatov, V.E. Lyubimov
Initial Superheating of a Liquid in Boiling on a Porous Surface. pp. 173--175

Yu.B. Zudin
Calculation of the Surface Density of Nucleation Sites in Nucleate Boiling of a Liquid. pp. 176--181

A.G. Shashkov, A.F. Zolotukhina, M.F. Laranjeira, V.B. Vasilenko, M.A. Cunha
An Automated Setup for Investigation of the Thermal Diffusion and Mutual Diffusion of Gas Mixtures. pp. 182--188

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