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Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnall, 1998, Vol.71, No.2 Engineering-Physical Journa

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Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnall, 1998, Vol.71, No.2 (Engineering-Physical Journa)


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 71, Number 2; March--April, 1998

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A.I. Rudenko, V.N. Savina, A.P. Nishchik, A.E. Koloskov
Toward Calculation of Heat-Engineering Characteristics of Two-Phase Thermosiphons Filled with Ethylene Glycol. I. Thermophysical Properties of Ethylene Glycol. pp. 195--198

A.I. Rudenko, V.N. Savina, A.P. Nishchik, A.E. Koloskov
Toward Calculation of Heat-Engineering Characteristics of Two-Phase Thermosiphons Filled with Ethylene Glycol. II. Heat-Engineering Characteristics. pp. 199--202

V.N. Babak, T.B. Babak, L.P. Kholpanov
Two-Phase Absorption Complicated by a Second Order Irreversible Chemical Reaction in a Liquid Phase under Direct-Flow Conditions (Solution for the Fourth Quadrant of a Hydrodynamic Plane). pp. 203--214

Yu.Ya. Kachuriner
An Anomalous Change in the Supercooling of Vapor in Spontaneous Condensation. pp. 215--217

Yu.B. Zudin
Boiling of Liquid in the Cell of a Jet Printer pp. 218--221

V.A. Naumov
Effect of Evaporation on the Dynamics of Falling Drops. pp.222--224

P.V. Akulich, N.N. Grinchik
Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Capillary-Porous Materials. pp. 225--232

S.N. Gamayunov, O.S. Misnikov
Shrinkage Phenomena in Drying of Natural Organomineral Dispersions. pp. 233--236

A.V. Kosterin, P.N. Lebedev, E.V. Skvortsov
Filtration in the Face Zone of an Oil Pool with Abnormally High Seam Pressure. pp. 237--240

G.V. Kozlov, V.U. Novikov, M.A. Gazaev, A.K. Mikitaev
Structure of Polymer Networks as a Percolation System. pp. 241--247

A.S. Bagdasarov, L.A. Goryainov
Development of Horizontally Oriented Crystallization of High-Melting Dielectric Single Crystals. pp. 248--253

A.V. Kuznetsov
A Study of Macroliquation in Solidification of a Thin Strip of a Binary Mixture Produced by Continuous Casting. pp. 254--262

V.Sh. Shagapov, V.R. Syrtlanov
A Front Problem Concerning the Decomposition of Gas Hydrates in Natural Strata on Exposure to High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation. pp. 263--267

Z.P. Shul'man, G.Ya. Slepyan, T.L. Popkova, A.A. Makhanyok
Hyperthermia of Cylindrical Biotissue Samples by Microwave Electromagnetic Radiation. pp. 268--272

S.N. Shevchenko, A.P. Makarov
Radiation of the Inner Surface of a Perforated Circular Cone. pp. 273--274

A.L. Danilyuk
Nonlinear Distribution Model of Ions Implanted at High Doses. pp. 277--281

R.M. Kasimov, M.A. Kalafi, Ch.O. Kadzhar, E.R. Kasimov
Reflectionless Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation in Polar Mixtures. pp. 282--285

I.M. Panchenko and B.S. Kolupaev
Investigation of Moisture Transfer Through Polymer Films under the Action of an Electric Field. pp. 286--292

A.I. Borodich, I.A. Volkov
Optimal Management of the Parameters of a Focusing Field for Obtaining a Minimum-Emittance Beam. pp. 293--298

O.V. Petrova, A.P. Chernukho, P.I. Porshnev, S.A. Zhdanok
Simulation of the Oxidation Kinetics of NOx in a Gas Discharge. pp. 299--305

E.E. Ikonnikova, A.V. Kuz'min, A.A. Khalatov
Adaptation of a Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Convex Surface. pp. 306--310

R.G. Galiullin, E.R. Galiullina, E.I. Permyakov
Resonance Gas Oscillations in a Tube with an Open End under Weakly Developed Turbulence. pp. 311--316

A.I. Nakorchevskii
Features and Efficiency of Interphase Heat and Mass Transfer with a Pulsation Organization of the Process. pp. 317--322

M.M. Chuiko, V.D. Zakhartseva
Mathematical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Hydraulic Drives of Apparatuses. pp. 323--329

V.A. Bubnov
Turbulent Isentropic Flows. pp. 330--335

A.I. Fesenko, S.S. Matashkov
The Frequency-Pulse Method for Determining the Thermophysical Characteristics of Solid Materials. pp. 336--341

N.A. Kudryashov, E.A. Mukhai
Analytical and Numerical Solution of the Problem of Meteoroid Motion in Terrestrial Atmosphere. pp. 342--348

L.A. Krukier, L.G. Chikina
Problems Arising in Applications of Counterflow Difference Schemes in Engineering Calculations of Contamination of Shallow Reservoirs. pp. 349--352

A.V. Latyshev, A.A. Yushkanov
Thermal Slip for a Gas with Collision Frequency Proportional to the Velocity of Molecules. pp. 353--359

B.V. Nerubailo, V.P. Ol'shanskii, Yu.I. Selemeneva
Towards a Solution of the Problem of Local Effects on Cylindrical Shells-Panels. pp. 360

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