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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1998, Том 71, No.5

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1998, Том 71, No.5


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 71, Number 5; September--October, 1998

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V.I. Baikov, N.N. Luchko, T.V. Sidorovich
Ultra- and Microfiltration in a Cell without Mixing. pp. 771--774

A.I. Nakorchevskii, B.I. Basok, A.I. Chaika
Pulsers with a Variable Geometry of the Working Volume and the Effect of Processed Composites on the Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsers. pp. 775--783

A.V. Larin, K.E. Polunin
Linear Front Dynamics of Sorption in the Inlet Section of a Layer of Sorbent. pp. 784--787

V.I. Terekhov, V.V. Terekhov, K.A. Sharov
Heat and Mass Transfer in Condensation of Water Vapor from Moist Air. pp. 788--794

A.I. Tsaturyan †
Free-Efflux Velocity of a Loose Material in an Electric Field. pp. 795--798

Yu.S. Teplitskii
Heat Transfer between a Circulating Fluidized Bed and Extended Surfaces: Account for Pressure and Temperature Effects. pp. 799--804

O.V. Belyaev, G.G. Spirin, V.F. Formalev, N.Yu. Nenarokov
Features of the Method of Irregular Thermal Regime in Studies of the Thermal Conductivity of Solids. pp. 805--810

Yu.I. Azima
Use of the Integro-Interpolation Method for Construction of Difference Equations for Determination of Thermal Properties and Unsteady-State Heat Fluxes. pp. 811--818

V.S. Kolupaev, N.A. Bordyuk, V.A. Sidletskii, V.A. Mashchenko
Interrelationship of Thermophysical and Electrophysical Properties of PVC Systems. pp. 819--822

S.E. Nesis
Temperature Oscillations and Their Interactions with Oscillations of a Different Physical Nature. pp. 823--826

V.A. Sosinovich, V.A. Babenko, Yu.V. Zhukova
A Closed Equation for the Joint Probability Density Function of the Magnitudes of Fluctuations of a Turbulent Scalar Reacting Field and Its Gradient. pp. 827--849

S.V. Solov'ev, S.V. Kuznetsov
Natural Convection of an Electrically Conducting Fluid in a Spherical Layer. I. Formulation of the Problem. pp. 850--854

A.A. Prikhod'ko
Calculation of Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Drainage of a Liquid from a Volume on the Basis of the Navier-Stokes Equations. pp. 855--859

I.V. Uskov, A.F. Leonov
The Possibility of Passing to a One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model in the Problem of Control of the Mirror of a Magnetoelectric Laser Scanner with Hydraulic Damping. pp. 860--865

V.V. Bungov, S.A. Isaev, V.B. Kharchenko
Calculation of the Wind Action on a Cooling Tower in the Presence of Devices for Equalizing the Ground Flow. pp. 866--871

S.Ya. Grabarnik, S.A. Isaev
Calculation of Detached Flow along a Profile of Intricate Shape in the Presence of a Mobile Shield Based on the Use of N-Shaped Orthogonal Grids. pp. 872--879

V.V. Kalinchak, V.I. Sadkovskii, S.G. Orlovskaya
Influence of Internal Response on the Critical Conditions of Heat and Mass Transfer of Carbon Particles. pp. 880--886

G.V. Miloshevskii
Generation of Bremsstrahlung by an Electron Beam. pp. 887--890

A. Jelenski, I.E.Tralle, V.A. Sizyuk
Simulation of a Gallium Arsenide Running-Wave Amplifier with a Schottky Barrier by the Monte Carlo Method. pp. 891--898

A.E. Dubinov, V.D. Selemir, V.A. Sidorova, N.I. Sel'chenkova, V.L. Sel'chenkov
Thermal and Mechanical Loading of the Anode Grid of an SHF Generator with a Virtual Cathode Operating under Pulsed-Periodic Conditions. pp. 899--901

E.L. Gusev
Qualitative Properties of Optimum Acoustic Structures. pp. 902--905

V.B. Kovalevskii, I.A. Koval'kova
Heating of Cylindrical Bodies in Furnaces for Rolled Production. pp. 906--909

Yu.V. Zhernovyi, M.T. Saichuk
Use of the Method of Green Functions for Numerical Solution of Multidimensional Stefan Problems. pp. 910--916

O.V. Minin
Theoretical Substantiation of the Possibility of Inducing a Ponderomotive Thermodynamic Force in a Solid and a Gas. pp. 917--926

M.Ya. Brovman
Application of Isothermal Surfaces for Calculation of Unsteady Heat Transfer Processes. pp. 927--933

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